Q:     What are the grade book preferences?
A: In each grade book are a set of preferences to help customize your grade book for your needs. To view or edit your preferences, you will go into a specific grade book and then in the top right hand menu, click the word 'Preferences'. Here are the different options:

* Display in Reverse Date Order - this changes the order of events from either current date to earlier date or from earlier date to current date
* Show # Finished Assignments - this allows you to only display the events that have grades for all the students (the system hides the incomplete events)
* Show # Future Assignments - this will allow all future events to be shown
* Input Notes - a great tool that allows you to make notes about any student's grade for any event
* Input single event / Numeric Keypad Entry - this allows you to use your return key as a tab to quickly enter grades for each student in an event