Q:     How to send assignments home for your Distance Learning Plan (DLP)
A: Distance Learning

How to send assignments home for your Distance Learning Plan (DLP)

Example of Weekly Procedure:
  • Assignments will be assigned each week, to be completed and returned by Mondays between 6:30am-7pm.
  • The week’s curriculum will be posted on each child's Assignments Calendar in FastDirect on Tuesday. Any assignment with printable material can be downloaded from the links posted in Assignments Calendar. If you do not have the ability to print material please contact the school office.
  • To return completed paperwork, photograph the paperwork using the app CamScanner on your phone. Submit the forms as attachments using FDmail. If you encounter technical difficulty please contact the school office.

How to send assignments to parents and students using GradeBook:
  • By Tuesday teachers should post the week's assignments in their GradeBooks by creating an event for each assignment

  • Click Create Event and fill out the dialog box.

    • The Date should be the next Monday as each assignment "packet" is due on Mondays (assuming that the sample procedure shown above is being followed)

    • You can send accompanying worksheets or documents home by using the Attach File option. Click "Choose File" to attach a file to the event. A link to the file will be posted in the Assignment Calendar so that parents can click on it and download the document.

    • You can use the Description box to include instructions. You can also copy and paste url's into the description so that student's can access resources.

    • Check the boxes for Send FDmail to Parents and/or Send FDmail to Students (if your students are logging in)

    • You can also check the box for Publish to BB/Calendar if you want to duplicate the assignment on your BB/Calendar

    • The system will AUTOMATICALLY publish the assignments on the Assignments Calendar, which is accessible on parents' and students' homepage

  • Parents find access to the Assignments Calendar on their homepage to the right of the GradeBook and ReportCard reports
Assignments cal button

There is one Math assignment posted on 3/24, as shown below. The Assignment Calendar shows the following information for the GradeBook Event (assignment)
  • The Course Name such as Math
  • The Category such as Homework, Quiz, Paper, etc
  • The Teacher's Name and the GradeBook Description
  • The Event Name
  • The Description: Any text entered when creating the event; could be instructions and/or links to websites
  • A link to an Attached File
calendar view