Q: How do I use File Manager?
A: Each FastDirect user has their own File Manager where he/she can upload files, designate private or public use, and delete files. This section is accessed by clicking File Manager, located in the bottom section of the homepage.
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1. Private/Public Folders: Files placed in the Private folder are generally reserved for FastDirect users. Files placed in the Public folder are available to the general public.
*Any file in the Public folder is NOT SECURE. It is searchable by any search engine (i.e. Google, Yahoo) and accessible by any internet user.

To Select a Folder: Click on the folder tab, labeled Private or Public.

2. To Select a File:
Click in the box to the left of a file name. Selecting the box to the left of the heading "Name" will select or deselect ALL files in that folder.

3. To Change File Location: Select a file (check its box) and click Make Public or Make Private according to the presented option.
*Moving your file from public to private or vice versa will disable any previous links to that file. For example, if you move a file from public to private, then any previously sent eMessages with an attachment to that file will not work.

4. To Delete a File: Select a file and click Delete.
*Deleting a file will disable any previous links to that file. In other words, if a file of an image is deleted, then that image will no longer display wherever it had been attached (eMessages, Bulletin Board, or Links).