Q:     With Distance Learning, can our school adjust the Final grade calculations?
In this period of Distance Learning, many schools are interested in having a student's final grade calculculated differently than the typical calculation of 25% for each quarter - (Q1 + Q2 + Q3 + Q4) / 4. For example, one such change would be to change the weighting to Qtr 1 30%, Qtr 2 30%, Qtr 3 30%, and Qtr 4 10%. While FastDirect is unable to customize the weights for each quarter, there is a way to only calculate 3 of the 4 quarters.  This would change the weighting to 33.33% for each of the 3 quarters.  This scenario might be ideal when the 4th quarter report card grades are either not going to have value/weight or a different scale is being used, such as Pass/Fail.

To force the system to only average the first 3 quarter report card grades, teachers can either skip entering in 4th quarter report card grades temporarily or they can enter in a letter or symbol that is not part of the course's grade scale, thus making it unrecognized.  For example, if a school decides to go with a Pass/Fail scale for 4th quarter, the teacher will want to make sure that the letter P or F are not already a part of the current grade scale.

This image shows how the Final grade input is only averaging 3 of the 4 quarters and it also explains how a teacher can manually enter any letter, symbol, or number grade.