Q:     Can I transfer money from one account to another?
There are times when money from one account needs to be moved to another account.  In this example, the money is being transfered from the 2019-2020 Tuition account to the 2020-2021 Tuition account.  Since it is a tuition account, only deposits can be made (and not charges).

Once you have pulled up a specific family (click on Finance, then in the 'Select Parent' drop down, choose the family's name, then click 'Show Balance/Log Transactions for Selected Family'), you can follow these steps as illustrated in the images below:

Step 1.) Find the account that the money will be removed from and in the deposit row, type in the amount including a negative/minus sign.

Step 2.) Find the account that the money will be transferred to and in the deposit row, type in the same amount without a negative/minus sign.

Step 3.) Click the button 'Submit this Deposit (phase 1)'.
Note: You do not need to enter in a check number or note, as you will have an opportunity to do so in the next step.

Step 4.)
In the 'Source' field, type in a note, for example 'Transfer from 19/20 Tuition to 20/21 Tuition'.

Step 5.) Click the 'Really Submit..' button to complete the transfer transaction.

Note: This same process can be used for all accounts and can also be used as a Charge (instead of a deposit).