Q: How do I schedule automatic or recurring payments? (for parents)
How to schedule automatic or recurring payments:

You must have FDpay in order to use this feature.
Don't have FDpay? Contact your school office to see if they want to add it!

Printable Instructions (PDF download)

  • Login to Parent Account

  • Click Finance (as shown below)
finance icon
  • Click Schedule a Payment (as shown below)

    schedule a payment

    • For Tuition:

      • Under Pay to Account select Tuition for the appropriate school year

      • The tuition schedule will appear for you to review (shown below)

      • Click Fill in these values (shown below)
fill values
      • Review the form and select when you would like a Payment Alert email

      • Click Add Recurring Payment (shown below)
add recurring
    • For All Other Accounts:
  • Select the Pay to Account for the appropriate account name and complete the form
  • Click Add Recurring Payment