Q:     What are 'new self-registrants'?
A: For any new family that registers online, there is a step that needs to be handled by the office in order for the family to be able to log in. This step involves pulling up the 'self-registrants' and changing them from New: 'Yes' to New: 'No'. Below is the list of steps for how to do this. Once you have viewed their information and changed them to no longer 'new', then they will be able to log in. Here are the steps to do so:

1.) Go to People>Parents
2.) Click 'Display' for the option that reads 'New Self-Registrants'
3.) When the page loads, all new self-registrants will be at the bottom of the list
4.) In the red highlighted field for New, change the drop down from 'Yes' to 'No'
5.) Click the 'Ch #' button

The logic behind this process is that if a family registers online, the school administrators need to be notified of this registration and approve of their information. To find out who is receiving the notifications for new self-registrants, go to Settings>Finance and look for the heading 'Notices will be messaged to:'.