Q:     How do I attach a file to a GradeBook event?
A: BulletinBoard upload
Step 1:
Go to Grades and click GradeBook Input.
Step 2: Click 'Create Event' or click on the name of an existing event to edit. Once your Create Event box appears, then there are two ways to attach a file:
Option 1:
Click the 'Browse' (or 'Choose File') button. This will prompt you with a file browser where you can select a file from your computer to attach.
Option 2:
Click the 'Select File: From Uploads...' drop-down menu to choose from files you have already uploaded to FastDirect.
*Important: To change a file already attached to an event:
  • Click on the Event name to edit
  • Refer to 'Description/Links' text box
  • Delete all the text in that field and click 'Save Changes'
  • Edit the event again and attach your file
Step 3:
Check the box for 'Publish to BB/calendar'
Step 4: Click 'Create' or 'Save Changes'
When you attach a file to a GradeBook event via the 'Browse' method, that file is uploaded to FastDirect and will appear in your File Manager (accessed by clicking 'File Manager' under your staff options and preferences box that appears on your 'Home' screen).