Q:     How can I make changes to a specific family's tuition payment schedule?
A: Here are the steps for how to manually edit a family's tuition set up:
1.) Go to Finance
2.) Refer to the button that says, Tuition - setup - log receipts - post payments due, select the school year, and click that button (Tuition - setup - log receipts - post payments due)
3.) Select a family from the Select Parents drop down menu (shown below)
4.) Click 'Change setup, log payments, and post'

5.) Once that family's tuition schedule appears, you can change any of the payment schedule options: total tuition, first payment due date, and number of payments (# of payments). After changing any of the fields, click 'Go' in order to save (this must be done per student if there is more than one student per family).

6.) When finished with the family, down below the payment schedule will be a place where you can select another family in the list. Look for the line that reads 'New registrant families will be at bottom of list'. In the drop down, select a family and click 'Change setup, log payments, and post'.

You can repeat steps 1-6 to make changes to any additional families.