Q:     How do parents choose to receive auto-notifications for all FDmail messages?
A: autonotificationfaq
Step 1: Log into your FastDirect parent account
Step 2: Once logged on, click the 'View/Edit Parent Information' button that appears at the top of your 'home' screen.
Step 3: On your parent form you will see a section under each 'Parent Guardian' section that resembles the example below. Please note that both parent/guardian #1 and #2 have these auto-notification options.

Step 4: Choose the type of auto-notification:
EMAIL - If you have an e-mail address listed in your parent form and would like to receive auto-notifications by e-mail, check the e-mail box.
TEXT - If you have a cell phone number and cell phone provider listed in your parent form and would like to receive auto-notifications by text, check the text box. (If the text option does not appear, then see below.)
BOTH - You may check both options, if prior set-up is completed.
Step 5: After you have check marked your selections, make sure to go below your parent form and click the yellow 'Save Changes' button.
Step 6: Wait to receive instant, auto-notifications of all FDmail messages!
NOTE: If your school has not allowed the use of SMS Text notifications, then you will not see an option for ‘text’. Please contact your school administrators to discuss the allowing of this feature.
NOTE: If you have not completed your parent data information with an e-mail address, a cell phone number and a cell phone provider, then your screen may resemble the example below. You will need to provide this necessary information in your parent data form before you will be allowed to permission auto-notifications.

Click here to download the Parent Auto Notification Activation Letter!