Dear School Admin,

We are offering virtual training to our school partners as a part of our new Distance Learning Initiative!

Our Step #1 FDdistance Learning Initiative will help you quickly strengthen your teleconference skills at the leadership level and result in an action plan. Then Step #2 plan will help guide us to equip your professional teaching staff, students, parents and school community to be an active part of the Distance Learning Initiative for your school community.

We will leverage your staff's familiarity with FastDirect Communications services in combination with other embedded Distance Learning resources like Google in order to help your school complete the final quarter with the best outcome for 2019-20 and prepare for the future.
dli flyer
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"This is a race that we cannot lose, and it might be a marathon."
- Randy Hilleren, CEO

If you are ready to get started with "Step 1"
of our Distance Learning Initiative
please complete the following survey.

If you have questions or need more information, please contact HelpDesk.

Best regards,
Team FastDirect