St. Peter Lutheran School

2440 N. Raucholz Rd. - Hemlock, MI 48626 - 989.642.5659
Eric Hagenow, Principal

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Vision Statement
St. Peter Lutheran Church and School is committed to meeting the spiritual needs of our members and the community. We nurture the faith of our members and provide Christ-centered, academically excellent education for all Godís children. We pursue opportunities to increase our community outreach and improve our facilities while practicing good stewardship of Godís gifts.

Mission Statement
By the Grace of God, St. Peter Lutheran School exists to nurture and educate Godís children in a Christ-centered environment. Through the guidance of parents and teachers, students learn to interpret their world in the light of Godís Word.

Core Values

The core values of St. Peter Lutheran Church and School are:
ē REVERENCE: We give honor and glory to God above all things.
ē BIBLICAL TRUTH: We provide a ministry to believers according to the
Scriptures and Lutheran Confessions.

ē DISCIPLESHIP: We exercise Christian love and fellowship in order to extend the Kingdom of God
at large. We nurture present and future congregational and Church leaders.

ē CHRISTIAN EDUCATION: We teach and live the Christian faith according to Lutheran doctrine;
we provide and maintain a Christ-centered, academically excellent education.

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