The beginning of school can be a crazy time but HelpDesk is here to make it easier. With the start of school quickly approaching, FastDirect wants to make sure your school is ready. In addition to completing the Summer Transition steps, there are several other items to be addressed. To stay on top of the many features and settings that need to be reviewed for the start of school, we have created a checklist for administrators, as well as separate ones for teachers and parents. Click the links below to view the checklists, as well as our FastDirect Summer Timeline!    

Click here to view the Administrator Checklist!
Click here to view the Teacher Checklist!
Click here to view the Parent Checklist!

HelpDesk is available to help guide you through these steps - just contact HelpDesk with an FDmail message or call our toll free number 866.805.3116.  
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Parents can now schedule automatic online payments in FDpay! If you have activated FDpay, our payments processing feature, then your parents can now set up and schedule automatic payments.     ...Read more
ADMINISTRATORS: Besides completing your Administrator Checklist for the new school year, you should also know that we can help with your Distance Learning Plan. We are offering virtual trainings as a part of the Distance Learning Initiative for the schools at a very affordable rate. These trainings are ideal for teachers or other staff members at your site who might need some extra support adapting to online learning. Some of the topics include Google classroom 101, Zoom, Flipgrid and many others.   ...Read more

Besides completing your Teacher Checklist for the new school year, we also wanted to remind you that we have a Standards and Domains component for GradeBook. This component also contains grade book printouts (reports) that can include
events as either 'Formative' or 'Independent' or neither.   ...Read more

Besides checking out the Parent Checklist, we want you to know that FastDirect offers online payments. With FDpay, your school can accept credit card and debit card payments from parents for anything from tuition to yearbooks! Parents are able to pay for a variety of school-related fees without having to leave their FastDirect parent account!   ...Read more
Archiving old finance accounts.
How do I clock in or clock out a student in Timer?
Distance Learning or eLearning Overview.
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Watch this video tutorial to find out how to Opt Parents In/Out for Email Forwarding.
Watch now in MP4 format or in YouTube!

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