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Mrs. Anna Grawshire  Volunteer Office  Calendar
61 views since 01/17/2024

Please sign up for 5 volunteer sessions 😀

You can View open slots on my calendar, please use FDmail
To claim a Service Session ❤️

CAFETERIA VOLUNTEER IS needed from 11 am to 1 pm

PLAYGROUND VOLUNTEER is needed from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm 😀

Each session will credit $20 to your VOLUNTEER ACCOUNT in finance!

Volunteer at school as an act of STEWARDSHIP
for our church and school.

Thank you very much.

Mr Randy Hilleren  MAC TENNIS   Calendar
190 views since 10/02/2023 
Ms. Kimberly Timberlake  Principal  Calendar
3 views since 05/04/2024 
Mrs. Kristyn Greene  Office Secretary  Calendar
6 views since 04/24/2024 
Mrs. Karli Beadle  Kindergarten  Calendar
10 views since 04/23/2024 
Miss Katelyn Kasandra  First Grade  Calendar
7 views since 04/24/2024 
Miss Keke Hoffman  Second Grade  Calendar
5 views since 04/24/2024 
Mr. Jace Jurago  Third Grade  Calendar
10 views since 04/24/2024 
Mr. Raine Petersburg  Fourth Grade  Calendar
6 views since 04/24/2024 
Mrs. Sarah Johnson  Fifth Grade  Calendar
6 views since 04/24/2024 
Mr. Anderson Prescott  Sixth Grade  Calendar
5 views since 04/24/2024 
Mr. Tyler Kroppa  Seventh Grade  Calendar
7 views since 04/24/2024 
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Miss Jenna Gold  Eighth Grade  Calendar
2 views since 06/07/2017 
No Content
Miss Liv Devereaux  Preschool/Gr. 1 Aide  Calendar
2 views since 07/10/2016 
Mrs. Susan Fitzgerald  Middle School Math  Calendar
728 views since 01/04/2018 
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Mrs. Ruby Muņoz  Spanish Teacher  Calendar
519 views since 08/12/2015 
Dr. Christian Bodley  Art  Calendar
909 views since 03/12/2015 
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Michelle Eves  Music Teacher  Calendar
0 views since 01/04/2018 
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Mr. Matthew Petrillo  PE Teacher  Calendar
165 views since 08/17/2016 
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Mrs. Courtney DiPaolo  Technology Teacher  Calendar
335 views since 09/17/2013 
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School's Help Desk  Help Assistance  Calendar
6 views since 08/11/2016 
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Mr. Blake Wortzel  Media Specialist  Calendar
183 views since 08/12/2015 
School's Cafeteria Menu  Cafeteria  Calendar
178 views since 12/18/2021 
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Ms. Kelly Sanders  Parish School of Rel  Calendar
1 views since 04/30/2018 
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MR ANDREW JONES  School Nurse  Calendar
485 views since 05/12/2018 
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Mr Tom Smith  Calendar
0 views since 08/21/2018 
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Presid Board Directors  BOD President  Calendar
0 views since 12/11/2018 
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Mr. Dirk Evans  programmer  Calendar
0 views since 01/26/2023