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Ms. Kimberly Timberlake  Principal  Calendar
4 views since 05/04/2024

Welcome to the
2023-2024 School Year!

It's going to be a great year!


Visitors are welcome to download the FastDirect App for Parents and explore the services in the SOTO family account
on our demonstration school .
Just follow these steps and try it out!
  1. Download the App:

    apple store badge

    google store badge

  2. Open the App and enter the following to login:
    State:  California
    City:  Walnut Creek
    Demonstration School:  (the system will enter this for you)
    ScreenName: Parent
    Password: grow1

  3. Click Login

Please feel free to contact HelpDesk with any questions or comments.
We appreaciate you!

Parent Letter (doc file)

Instructions PDF

Parent Activation Instructions (docx file)

Parents - Use FDmail to send feedback on the FastDirect App
If you have ideas or general feedback.

Mr Randy Hilleren  MAC TENNIS   Calendar
190 views since 10/02/2023 
Mrs. Kristyn Greene  Office Secretary  Calendar
6 views since 04/24/2024 
Mrs. Karli Beadle  Kindergarten  Calendar
10 views since 04/23/2024 
Miss Katelyn Kasandra  First Grade  Calendar
7 views since 04/24/2024 
Miss Keke Hoffman  Second Grade  Calendar
5 views since 04/24/2024 
Mr. Jace Jurago  Third Grade  Calendar
11 views since 04/24/2024 
Mr. Raine Petersburg  Fourth Grade  Calendar
6 views since 04/24/2024 
Mrs. Sarah Johnson  Fifth Grade  Calendar
6 views since 04/24/2024 
Mr. Anderson Prescott  Sixth Grade  Calendar
5 views since 04/24/2024 
Mr. Tyler Kroppa  Seventh Grade  Calendar
7 views since 04/24/2024 
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Miss Jenna Gold  Eighth Grade  Calendar
2 views since 06/07/2017 
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Miss Liv Devereaux  Preschool/Gr. 1 Aide  Calendar
2 views since 07/10/2016 
Mrs. Susan Fitzgerald  Middle School Math  Calendar
728 views since 01/04/2018 
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Mrs. Ruby Muņoz  Spanish Teacher  Calendar
519 views since 08/12/2015 
Dr. Christian Bodley  Art  Calendar
909 views since 03/12/2015 
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Michelle Eves  Music Teacher  Calendar
0 views since 01/04/2018 
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Mr. Matthew Petrillo  PE Teacher  Calendar
165 views since 08/17/2016 
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Mrs. Courtney DiPaolo  Technology Teacher  Calendar
335 views since 09/17/2013 
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School's Help Desk  Help Assistance  Calendar
6 views since 08/11/2016 
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Mr. Blake Wortzel  Media Specialist  Calendar
183 views since 08/12/2015 
School's Cafeteria Menu  Cafeteria  Calendar
178 views since 12/18/2021 
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Ms. Kelly Sanders  Parish School of Rel  Calendar
1 views since 04/30/2018 
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MR ANDREW JONES  School Nurse  Calendar
485 views since 05/12/2018 
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Mr Tom Smith  Calendar
0 views since 08/21/2018 
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Presid Board Directors  BOD President  Calendar
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Mrs. Anna Grawshire  Volunteer Office  Calendar
61 views since 01/17/2024 
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Mr. Dirk Evans  programmer  Calendar
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