Q: System Configuration Users Guide (Summer Transition Continued)
A: Systemconfigusersguide
System Configuration Users Guide:
Summer Transition Continued

The following tasks should be completed after your system has been moved forward and before the beginning of the new school year.

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Completing these tasks before the beginning of the school year is integral to a working system.

(1).† Allow Roster Viewing
  • Go to Homepage
Allow parents and staff to view class rosters, including in any report that reveals classroom assignments. If this is not done before the start of school then the system will automatically publish class rosters.

(2).† Update Staff Accounts † | † FAQ
  • Go to People > Staff††
Inactivate staff accounts, re-order staff list, update Class IDís, etc. Maintaining an organized staff database will help you organize calendars, grade books, and even FDmail.

(3).† Set Up Attendance
Declare dates as attendance days or non-attendance days (holidays) in your Attendance Calendar.
  • Go to Calendar > Create Separate Attendance Calendars†††† Video Tutorial
  • DO NOT create any separate calendars until your Main Attendance Calendar has been completed.
  • Seperate attendance calendars allow you to tell the system that certain homerooms have different attendance calendars/schedules. For example, an 8th grade class might end the school year a week early or a preschool class might only meet every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
  • Go to Calendar > Edit Separate Attendance Calendars†††† Video Tutorial
Remove any separate attendance calendars that are no longer needed and edit existing ones.

(4).† Set Up GradeBooks
Assign courses to teachers and fill those courses with students. This is what creates grade books for teachers and publishes courses to report cards.

(5).† Set Up Lunch Order Forms, Menus, and Pricing
  • Go to Cafeteria > Add/Edit Items & Prices in the Master Menu †††† Video Tutorial
Review items and prices in the Master Menu.
  • Go to Cafeteria > Plan/Change the Daily Menu †††† Video Tutorial
Build the Daily Menu: This is what actually populates your cafeteria menu and lunch order forms. Menu items MUST be entered in the Daily Menu before lunch orders can be placed.
  • Go to Cafeteria > Manage the Free and Reduced Lunch Program †††† Video Tutorial
This is where you tell the system which students should be charged which rates. For example, if you charge the K-5 grades a different rate than the 6-8 grades. Of course it's also where you update which students should be free or reduced.

(6).† Review Extended Care Rates and Groups†††† Video Tutorial
  • Go to Timer
Review settings and rate structure if there are changes. This feature allows you to track extended care attendance and bill your families.

(7).† Review FDpay Settings (Payment processing within FastDirect)
  • Go to Settings > Integrations
Review convenience fee assignments.

It's easy to process payments within FastDirect! Watch this video to see how easy it really is.


Archive Finance Accounts
  • HelpDesk can archive tuition and registration accounts from previous school years. The balances of all active and inactive families MUST be zero.

Set Up Calendars
  • Go to Calendar > Master Calendar Entries
Edit your Master Calendar entries which will allow you to type in the information that will appear on all calendars, such as 'Noon Dismissal'.

If your school created staff accounts such as "School Calendar" then you can login under that user account and click Edit My Calendar from the homepage.

Edit Cafeteria Groups
  • Go to Cafeteria > Manage the Free and Reduced Lunch Program
Set up groups of students, such as Free or Reduced, to specify lunch pricing.

Preview Report Cards†† FAQ
  • Go to Grades
  • Select Instructor > Click View Instructors GradeBook/ReportCard Input
  • Click Sample Report Card
Once Show who teaches what is set up, then you can look over each grade level's report cards. You can review courses, sub-categories, grade scales, and layouts. HelpDesk can create and edit report cards at this time.

Certain report card changes need to be made before the end of 1st quarter/trimester.

Evaluate Grade Scales
  • Go to Grades > View All Scales in Use and review the grade scales used at your school.
  • Go to Grades > Show Who Teaches What and make sure the right scale ID is assigned to each course.

Evaluate Schedule Codes
  • This step involves evaluating all the schedule codes used at your school and making sure each homeroom teacher has the correct code applied to their account.†
  • Go to Settings > Monitor > Change School Schedules and evaluate the list of schedule codes in use and make changes if needed.†
  • Go to People > Staff to review Staff Accounts and make sure each teacher has their correct schedule code.† If there have been homeroom teacher and grade level changes or schedule code changes then go to People > Students and scroll to the bottom and click Make all schedules match the homeroom teachers.

Define Quarter or Trimester Dates†† FAQ
  • Go to Grades > Report Card Input Controls
Set up the correct start and end dates for your grading terms. Contact HelpDesk if you are switching from quarters to trimesters or visa versa.

Review Groups in FDmail
  • Go to Homepage > Edit Groups
Create new groups and edit old groups.

Review Settings

The following settings are important to optimize your system.
  • Go to Settings

    • Settings > FDmail
Review which staff members can send an FDbroadcast. Consider using SMS Text Notification, Email Forward, other notification options.
    • Settings > People > Manage WildCards

      Evaluate all WildCard fields.

    • Settings > People

      Consider enabling Allow Parents to View Attendace Report. This will allow parents to view an attendance report for their child.

    • Settings > My School Information > Technical Advisory Contacts
Review which staff members will receive technical advisory emails. These will be sent out only in the event of a service interruption.
    • Settings > My School Information > Federal Tax ID Number
Review this number under My School Information

Send Parent Activation Letter with Activation Codes
  • Go to Links to find the form letter

Review Links
  • Go to Links
Create, delete, and edit all links. The links section is your resource hub for the school community. You can link to documents, forms, sign up forms, calendars, websites, etc.

Link to menus, calendars, and forms already on your school website. It's a really convenient way to ensure that parents can find information.