Q: Distance Learning or eLearning Overview:

Distance Learning or eLearning Overview


Sample Distance Learning Plan (DLP)
  • This DLP is based off the St. Louis Archdiocese
  • Here's the Sample DLP that can be edited to fit your school's needs

  • Homeroom teachers can use a course such as Work & Study Habits to create a GradeBook Event using the Category called Attendance. When they create the event, they can also select Send FDmail to Parents which will send an FDmail to parents. Parents can be instructed to reply with the time spent on work for each child by 6pm or some designated time each day
  • How to take Attendance for Distance Learning

Assignments / Work Expectations / GradeBook
  • Ask all staff to use the gradebook as a proactive tool by creating the next week of events by Tuesday of each week
  • When creating events check the box, Publish to BB/Calendar
  • You can also check the box for Send FDmail to Parents and/or Send FDmail to Students
  • You can attach a file to a GradeBook event which in turn posts that document on BB, the teacher's personal Calendar, and Assignments Calendar
  • When a parent or student logs in they can access...
    • Teacher's BulletinBoards and Calendars under Planner
    • Assignment Calendar on their Homepage, to the right of the Report Card and GradeBook reports

FastDirect for Students
: Student Portal / Student Account

Students automatically have their own accounts once they are entered into the system... just like parents. Each student has their own screen name and password, their own FDmail inbox, and their own File Upload capability. They can take responsibility for checking assignments, viewing GradeBook reports, receiving FDmail from their teachers, and more!

Students can access their school information and schools can be sure it's a safe environment. School Admin can elect to turn on FDmail while only allowing students to communicate with staff and not parents or students. The system, as always, remains secure and encrypted, and the school staff can be the only users allowed to post information and send students messages.

  • Screen Names and Passwords:
  • Where to find screen names and passwords:
  • On the Student Information Form by going to People / Students / Click on a student's name
  • On the Make your own report, by going to Reports / Make your own
    • Select Data for All Parents or Students and click Next
    • Check the box for passwords (in the left hand column)
    • Click Create Report to view passwords
    • Click Edit Data to change passwords
  • Students can change passwords to something that's personal and easy to remember
  • Teachers can view student screen name and passwords in Make your own Report
  • Admin can view, review, and edit screen name and passwords in Make your own Report
  • FDmail for Students:
  • Admin control which types of users (Staff, Parents, Students) students can send FDmail messages to
  • To grant Student FDmail (Messaging) permissions go to Settings / FDmail, as show below:

  • Submitting Assignments via FDmail (Uploading and Attaching Files):
  • Students can submit assignments via FDmail
  • In order to Allow students to attach files to FDmail messages then follow these steps:
    • Go to Settings / FDmail
    • Make sure the option for "Allow Student File Manager" is checked
    • Click Save Changes


  • Both students and parents can submit student paperwork/documents through FDmail
  • In order to attach a file to FDmail messages, users must be allowed to upload files. Review Settings/FDmail for the appropriate file upload permissions
  • Remember future GradeBook events can be delivered through FDmail by checking the option to do so in the Create Event or Edit Event dialog boxes

  • Use this section for both Calendar and BulletinBoard announcements
  • Ask HelpDesk about creating a School Calendar/Announcements option at the top of Planner

  • Post links to resources, website, documents for distance learning
  • All staff can add new links