Q: How to share documents with students and guardians for my Distance Learning Plan
A: How to share documents for your Distance Learning Plan (DLP)

For many DLPs, teachers and staff will need to share information with students and parents. FastDirect
has several places where this can be achieved.

Here are some recommended ways to share information with FastDirect:

1. File Manager (aka 'the cloud')
  • This FAQ will explain how you can upload a file you have created to the FastDirect servers, which will make it available for others to view/download. This first step is essential if the file you are trying to share only exists on your desktop.

2. FDmail
  • This FAQ will explain how to send that file to someone using FDmail.

3. Bulletin Board (Planner)
  • This FAQ will explain how to take that uploaded file and post it on your Bulletin Board.

4. Links

  • This will explain how you can create a link to the file in the Links section.

5. GradeBook
  • This FAQwill explain how to attach accompanying documents or worksheets to a specific assignment.