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Mrs. Jessica Steichen  Grade 3  Calendar
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3rd Grade

Welcome back! I have heard a lot of wonderful Thanksgiving memories that were made. We have 3 weeks left of this quarter. Can you believe it! We only have 3 kids left to get their A.R. goals, they have been working hard and we are all cheering them on. This week: Memory - Isaiah 9:6-7 is due next Friday, December 8th. The kids will have two options: they can say it to me or complete a fill in the blank test. Reading: We will have two normal weeks of reading and then we will do Christmas activities that final week before break. This is the same for spelling, just two more weeks then we will pick up after break. Math: We should get through more lessons and take about two more test before break. Social Studies: we will be talking about Christmas traditions from other countries. The kids are really enjoying it. Science: We are going to do a short chapter over cells and the body. We will have this finished before we break. Please continue to check grades on FastDirect. Please let me know if you have any questions. Reminder next Thursday, December 7th is our musical. Please dress in nice church clothes. Have a wonderful week!

Mr. David Birnbaum  Principal  Calendar
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Ms. Lori Whitford  School Secretary  Calendar
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Pastor Joseph Highley  Calendar
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Mrs. Susie Manning  Technology/Library  Calendar
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One year olds  One Year Olds  Calendar
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Ms. Melissa Colvin  PS-4  Calendar
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Mrs. Lori Kelly  PK-5  Calendar
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Ms. Elaine Miller  Kindergarten  Calendar
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Mrs. Julie Birnbaum  Grade 1  Calendar
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Ms. Charity Felton  Grade 2  Calendar
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Mrs. Megan Sibley  Grade 4  Calendar
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Mrs Krista Harbeson  Grade 5  Calendar
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Mrs. Sarah Brey  Music  Calendar
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Ms. Tane Kester  Language Arts  Calendar
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Mrs. Amanda P.-Cain  Science/Athletics  Calendar
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Mr. Jeremy Brey  Ms Social Studies  Calendar
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Ms. Sandi Lyons  Cafeteria  Calendar
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Karen Herard  Early Childhood Libr  Calendar
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Mrs. Jennifer Heitman  Next Gen Coordinator  Calendar
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Ms. Hannah Dixon  Calendar
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Heidi Daley  oneyearolds  Calendar
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Art Instructor  Calendar
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MS Peggy Peters   DCStaff  Calendar
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