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Mrs. Emily Allen  Grade 1  Calendar
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May 10, 2019

Mrs. Compton is looking for parent volunteers for Field Day on May 17th, the last day of school. If you can volunteer, please let her know. Thank you in advance!

Important Dates:
-May 15th - Pre-K Last Day of School & Graduation
-May 16th - 8th Grade Graduation Mass
-May 18th - Last Day of School - Noon Dismissal

Spelling Tests:
-May 15th - Unit 5 Spelling Test & Sight Word Reading Test

Be sure to always check your child's folder every night.

If you ever have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me.

Have a great weekend!

Thank you,

Mrs. Allen

Reading Journal Details


* Students will read a book.
* Write the Title.
* Write a short summary about their favorite part. (15pts)
-Students must use capital letters at the beginning of the sentence & correct punctuation
at then end. (Points will be deducted.)
* Then draw a picture of that part (5pts)
* Color (5pts)
* Must do their own work with the drawing, coloring, & writing.
* Use good handwriting.
* Do not copy the story out of the book.

****Each reading journal is worth 25 points a piece, so 50 points a month. If turned in after the due date, it will be worth half the points. If it is turned in after the end of the month, it will be worth 0 points.****

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