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Mrs. Emily Allen  Grade 1  Calendar
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April 20, 2018

Dates to remember:
* April 20th - Father/Daughter Dance
* April 25th - Zoo Field Trip
* April 27th - Reading Logs & Journals due
* April 27th - Unit 4 Spelling & Reading Tests
* May 4th - May Crowning
* May 11th - Muffins for Mom
* May 17th - Talent Show & Graduation Mass
* May 18th - Last Day of School (Noon Dismissal)

Information about April's events:
* Father/Daughter Dance--April 20th
-Tickets are still available.
* Zoo Field Trip--April 25th
-Leaving at 9am.
-Parents/Guardians are welcome.
-Wear school uniform.
-Lunch will be provided for all that have said that they're going.

**Don't forget to vote for school board members!
***Email sent home about the upcoming animal habitat diorama project.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Thank you,
Mrs. Allen (Reando)

If you choose to order your scholastic orders online, my code is PKKHL.

**Reading Journal Reminders**

Towards the end of the month is always the deadline for the 2 reading journals.
These journals are worth 25 points a piece, so 50 points total.
If they turn it in the next day after the due date, they will only be worth half credit. After that 0 credit.
These journals must include: name, date, title of the story, brief summary, and illustration WITH color.

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