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January 19, 2018

Here are some due dates:

*Both Reading Logs and Reading Journals are due Tuesday, January 30th.
*Scholastic Orders were due today.

Just a few things:
* FIELD TRIP to "We Rock the Spectrum Gym" - January 26th.
-Students need to pack their own lunch. If you or a grandparent are going on the field
trip, you must bring your own lunch as well.
-When you pack your child's lunch make sure you put their name on it.
*Grades are out!
*Spelling test will be Wednesday, January 24th. Keep practicing!
*100th day of school is Tuesday, January 23rd.
- Please don't forget to have your child bring in 100 items of something small. It must
fit in a small or large ziploc bag. Nothing big!
*Auction Item Info
- I am now collecting money or items for the auction item.
- Our two main items are the bench glider and a wheel barrel. And the smaller items to go
with those are yard ornaments, soil, Home Depot gift card, and gardening tools.
(I apologize, I forgot to mention the gift card in the last email.)

If you have any questions about anything, feel free to ask!

~ Miss Reando

**Please be sure to check your child's folder every night. And remember, if there are ever any questions or concerns feel free to contact me.

If you choose to order your scholastic orders online, my code is PKKHL.

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