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Mrs. Emily Allen  Grade 1  Calendar
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January 22, 2018

- Check your child's folder every night.

Important Dates:
-January 23rd - 100th Day of School
-January 28th - Week 3 Spelling & Reading (since it is a short week)
-January 28th-February 1st - Catholic Schools Week
-January 29th - Reading Logs (15 books)/Journals(2) are due
-January 30th - Scholastic Book Orders due
-February 8th - Daddy/Daughter Dance

If you ever have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me.

Have a great week!

Thank you,

Mrs. Allen

**Catholic Schools Week Activities & Dress Wear**

1/28 - Monday: movie (dress down day)

1/29 - Tuesday: Trivia & wear your favorite jersey (dress down day)

1/30 - Wednesday: BINGO (uniforms day)

1/31 - Thursday: Jump Rope for Heart & crazy hair and/or crazy socks day (dress down day)

2/1 - Friday: Possible Field Trip (St. Rose shirt with jeans)

Reading Journal Details

* Students will read a book.
* Write the Title.
* Write a short summary about their favorite part.
* Then draw a picture of that part.
* Color
* Must do their own work.
* Use good handwriting, capitalization, and punctuation.

****Each reading journal is worth 25 points a piece, so 50 points. If they do not complete these, it will be a 0.**

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