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Ms. Elaine Miller  Kindergarten  Calendar
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Growing up, Reaching Out, and Walking together with Jesus at First Lutheran Church & School

Theme: Forgiveness, Life, & Salvation
Colossians 1:13-14

Emily Berry
Gunner Lauer
Skyler Marlar
Caden McClaskey
Riley Meserve
Dallas Steichen
Ella Tamez

Our Awesome Kindergarten Class

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I would like to thank all of the kindergarten parents for sharing your child with me this year. They are all very special! Also, I would like to thank all the kindergarten students and parents for making me feel very appreciated this week during "Teacher Appreciation Week" you are all wonderful! God blessed me with a marvelous class this year and many many other fabulous classes here at First Lutheran. I love our church and school. I hope everyone has a beautiful Summer!

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Ms. Lori Whitford  School Secretary  Calendar
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Charity Felton  Interim Summer Princ  Calendar
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Pastor Joseph Highley  Calendar
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Mrs. Susie Manning  Library  Calendar
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One year olds  One Year Olds  Calendar
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Ms. Melissa Colvin  PS-4  Calendar
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Mrs. Lori Kelly  PK-5  Calendar
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Ms. Charity Felton  Grade 2  Calendar
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Mrs. Jessica Steichen  Grade 3  Calendar
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Mrs. Megan Sibley  Grade 4  Calendar
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Mrs Krista Harbeson  Grade 5  Calendar
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Mrs. Sarah Brey  Music  Calendar
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Ms. Tane Kester  Language Arts  Calendar
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Mrs. Amanda P.-Cain  Science/Athletics  Calendar
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Mr. Jeremy Brey  Ms Social Studies  Calendar
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Ms. Sandi Lyons  Cafeteria  Calendar
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Karen Herard  Early Childhood Libr  Calendar
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Mrs. Jennifer Heitman  Next Gen Coordinator  Calendar
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Ms. Hannah Dixon  Calendar
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Heidi Daley  oneyearolds  Calendar
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Art Instructor  Calendar
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MS Peggy Peters   DCStaff  Calendar
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Mrs. Krista Harbeson  Vice Principal  Calendar
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Social Studies  Calendar
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Music Teacher  Calendar
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Kindergarten Teacher  Calendar
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Sheila Bremer  Calendar
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Paul Herring  Calendar
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MSMath Teacher  Calendar
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