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January 19th

Students are to bring their own sack lunch for the field trip

For Catholic School's Week, we have received free tickets to a basketball game for SLU Men's and Women's games. The Women's game is Jan 21 against St. Josephs at 1pm. The Men's game is against Dayton on Saturday, Jan 27th at 3pm. If you are interested in going to either game or both, please let me know

5th and 6th Grades:
The theme for our classroom auction items are "Tailgating." We have a tent and a couple of canvas collapsible chairs and a collapsible cart. We could use more chairs, adult beverages, grill, etc. We are trying to keep the items black/red to go with our school colors.

Homework tonight is as follows--

5th Science (Biology)--Test for Chapter 4 was today. I'll grade them over the weekend.

6th Science (Biology)--Test for Chapter 4 is Monday. We had a number of students out of class so I gave the students in class a chance to study some more

English--Tomorrow will be the end of the outline project. About half of the students are finished. Our next lesson will be about correction marks and what they mean.

Religion--We read another section of chapter 4 today. We are getting close to the end of the chapter.

Robotics--Finally got my phone to work.

Team 1 won the accuracy test. They missed the target by 4 inches. The target was 22ft away and they shot a marshmallow from the catapult.
Team 3 won the distance test. They shot their marshmallow 55ft 9inches.

7th and 8th Grades

Science:We started reviewing for the test which will be Monday.

English--There are 8 sections in this chapter so we had another one on commas today.

Web Design--We are still doing tables. If you want to know what a table is and how it looks, go to Raider Review and look at basketball schedules. Each game is in a table row and column. Together that makes up a table. There is code for a table, column, and row. We can install Google maps, pictures, video, sound, etc.

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