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Mr. Ron Taylor  Grade 5  Calendar
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April 23rd
Don't forget
Next Friday is our May Crowning for Mary.
Kids can start bringing in flowers on Wednesday.

5th and 6th Grades:

Homework tonight is as follows--

5th Science (Anatomy)--We read part of chapter 6 today.

6th Science (Anatomy)--I was gone during class so I had the class read the 1st section instead of taking notes. We will take notes tomorrow.

English--We are now creating one last book based on a Dr. Suess book. We are calling it "If I ran the Zoo." The kids get to make the story, create the pictures, and design the cover.

Religion--2nd section of chapter 5 is done.

Robotics--I ordered some new material today for the last 2 projects of this class. One of the projects is going to have the kids make their own electromagnetic generator using just 4 household items. The large scale of an electromagnetic generator can be seen under Bagnel Dam. The second project is to build a robotic spider that can move several different ways.

7th and 8th Grades

Science:We finished reading the chapter today. The workbook has been assigned and I will assign the worksheet on Thursday.

English--Book reports are finished for the 1st books. The students want to do another book report so this time they have to read our chapter books and do book reports on them.

Web Design--Creating an on-line newspaper. It can be sports page, front page, or entertainment page.

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