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Mr. Ron Taylor  Grade 5/6  Calendar
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5th and 6th Grades:

Homework tonight is as follows--

5th Science (Physics)--We took more notes on chapter 5 today.

6th Science (Physics)--We started taking notes on chapter 5.

History--There are only 2 sections of this half chapter but a lot of information. We will be covering it for the next several days.

Religion--We are now going to finish the chapter.


Course 1 Math with Mrs. Compton- Continuing chapter 1 Ratios and Proportional Reasoning.

Monday: View lesson 6 video in Google Classroom Chapter 1 assignments on Solve Proportional Relationships and complete copy of page 55. Practice in class on Tuesday.

Tuesday:none with Inquiry lab on Wednesday

Wednesday: View lesson 7 Constant Rate of Change in Google Classroom Chapter 1 assignments and complete copy of page 65. Practice in class on Thursday.

Thursday: View Lesson 8 Slope in Google Classroom Chapter 1 assignments and complete copy of page 73. Practice on Friday.

STEAM--We began learning how to code.

7th and 8th Grades

Science (Physical Science):We reviewed today but we still have 1 page of our worksheet left to cover. That will make our next test be on Wednesday.

History-The kids are now doing their own power point notes which they will present and teach to the rest of the class.

STEAM--Today was the 1st challenge from the EV3 curriculum and not from me. With this challenge, the students have to figure out all on their own the conversions and programming. So far they have done a really good job and there were some trial and error tests today.

Mrs. Katherine Compton  Principal  Calendar
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