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November 17th

I would like to be able to get of count of how many grandparents for the 5th graders are coming next Wednesday. Could you please send me an email via fastdir and let me know.

5th and 6th Grades:

We will again have our canned food drive to benefit the De Soto food pantry after Thanksgiving. We are also going to revise the tradition of collecting adult size socks for a local nursing home. A tree will be set up and donations will serve as ornaments on the tree.

Homework tonight is as follows--

5th Science (Biology)--The notes are done and we are reading.

6th Science (Biology)--I handed out the worksheets today. They will get to work on them Monday and we will review on Tuesday.

English--Today we learned about subject and object pronouns. I assigned 2 pages in the workbook and 2 worksheets. Most everyone finished these assignments.

Religion--The temples are done!!!!

Robotics--Today the kids learned how to write/create instructions for any project they may make on their own. I made the blueprint for them, they just had to follow my instructions and write down in their own words how they are going to put the catapults together.

7th and 8th Grades

Science:We read the first 2 sections today and then I assigned 2 sections in the workbook.

English--I assigned worksheet today on the subjects we have covered the last 2 days.

Web Design--Most of the students got their webpages to switch back and forth, have an image run across their page, and then be linked to their other page. A couple of students are only a few steps behind and should catch up on Tuesday.
I will assign the 1st test (which is a project) on the Tuesday we get back.

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