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Mrs. Melissa La Rose  Grade 2  Calendar
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Muffins for Mom forms are due back by May 3!

Field Trip next Wednesday, April 25.
May Crowning is Friday, May 4. If your daughter wishes to participate in May Crowing please let me know! They have to wear their Holy Communion dresses for that morning. Please let me know ASAP please! Thanks!!

May Crowing flowers need to be brought in by Thursday, May 3rd.

Spelling words went home Friday! We are back to our normal schedule!

Just a reminder:
School Dress code states that girls shorts and skirts have to be no shorter than 3 inches above the knee.
No sandals.
Boys have to have navy or khaki shorts with no holes.

What's happening in Second
Reading: We are studying the different types of poetry! They are doing a great job so far!
Writing: We are continuing to practice in cursive handwriting.
Math: We are learning about graphs. They are doing well with this! We are learning about bar graphs and picture graphs.We will test over them this week!
Language: We are learning about beginning, middle, and end.
Vocabulary: We are working on Unit 9 and will test over it this week.
Science: Living and non-living things. We will start our unit study on plants! We will also be starting our Project based learning lessons this week. We will be making plans to build a school wide vegetable garden! Can't wait for this!!
Social Studies: We are learning about maps.
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