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Mrs. Melissa La Rose  Grade 2  Calendar
7 views since 06/11/2018


The classroom supply list can be found under the links icon! Hope you are enjoying your summer!!
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Mrs. Katherine Compton  Principal  Calendar
46 views since 05/17/2018 
Father Alexander Anderson  Calendar
568 views since 09/05/2017 
Mrs. Natalie Woodrum  Secretary  Calendar
19 views since 06/01/2018 
Mrs. Tami Mason  Preschool  Calendar
42 views since 05/21/2018 
Mrs. Jessica Milton  Preschool - Aide  Calendar
373 views since 09/12/2017 
Ms. Catherine Leingang  Kindergarten  Calendar
49 views since 05/21/2018 
Mrs. Emily Allen  Grade 1  Calendar
25 views since 05/25/2018 
Mrs. Emily Pagano  Grade 3  Calendar
25 views since 05/21/2018 
Mrs. Melissa Tindall  Grade 4  Calendar
24 views since 05/25/2018 
Mr. Ron Taylor  Grade 5/6  Calendar
12 views since 05/31/2018 
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Mr Brian Fairbanks  Grades7-8  Calendar
0 views since 05/23/2018 
Mrs. Gina Baldwin  Art  Calendar
48 views since 05/08/2018 
Mrs. Corie Boyer  Finance  Calendar
190 views since 08/28/2017 
Mrs. Kim Merseal  Cafeteria  Calendar
55 views since 04/10/2018 
Raider Review  Calendar
31 views since 05/18/2018 
Mrs. Sherri Hercher  Calendar
36 views since 04/26/2018 
Mr. Mark Beidle  Counselor  Calendar
607 views since 08/15/2016 
Mr Mike Merseal  Custodian  Calendar
460 views since 08/09/2016 
Mrs. Whitney Martin  Music/PE  Calendar
1 views since 06/18/2018