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Few Dates to Remember:

May 17th - Field Day--Last day of school (1/2 day)

What's happening in 2nd grade!

Math: We will review this week and test over what we have learned this school year.

Reading: We are continuing our author study. This week we will explore the works by Mo Williams. We will read two stories and compare and contrast them. We will explore the feelings aspect of each book. We will then create our own Don't Let the______ book. They will create a book to share with the class. This will be a fun end of year activity!

Phonics:We are done for the year!

Religion: We will continue in our Finding God books and focus on how to live like Jesus when making decisions this week from Unit 5, Morality, Our Lived Faith.

Language: This week we are reviewing what we have learned this year and testing over it this week.

Science: We will retest over the weather unit. I noticed that majority of the students struggled with the test so we will review today and retest tomorrow. We will start our plant mini unit this week as well.

Handwriting: We will continue practicing the use of cursive in our class work.

Vocabulary: We will play hangman and other hands-on activities with our 10 vocab words (unit 10) and then test the last week of school.

The last spelling test of the year is next Thursday, May 9th.
We will have an end of year spelling test on Thursday, May 16. This test will consist of 45 words that they have already had. They will get the list on Friday, May 10.

We will be cleaning out our desk and sending home supplies on May 16th. They do not need to bring anything to school on the last day of school.
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