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Mrs. Melissa La Rose  Grade 2  Calendar
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Spelling Words went home today! Due back on Thursday!
Please send in your $5.00 donation for the Beverages, Bags, and Bingo by the 24th!! Thank you!

Halloween Party: What is still needed as of 10/16/2018
and anything else to go in the trail mix!

Halloween Party is Wednesday, October 31. Students can wear a Halloween shirt but no costume! Part will start around 1:30! We will paint out pumpkins first and then decorate them! I have a few games planned! Thanks for all your donations so far!!


Few Dates to Remember:
End of first quarter is October 19.
Conferences are Thursday, October 25.
No School Friday, October 26.
Halloween Party Wednesday, October 31 at 1:30

Beverages, Bags, and Bingo
When: Saturday, November 3 at 6:00
Where: St. Rose Hall
Cost: $25.00 a ticket (Includes 2 BINGO Cards)
Reservations: (636)586-3594
Limited Space so Reserve quickly!!!!

What's happening in 2nd grade!
Math: We are learning how to add and subtract numbers within 20. We will test over this on Wednesday.
Reading: We are working on A Bad Case of Stripes and doing activities with this.
Religion: We are learning about how Jesus is faithful and the 10 commandments!
Language: We are testing over adjectives on Tuesday.
Science: We are learning about Matter!! We have lots of fun experiments that go along with these!
Social Studies: Studying Maps again while we do our Flat Stanley! We will start our Unit on Native Americans soon! More on this coming soon!!
Handwriting: We are reviewing our manuscript letters and then moving onto cursive!
Vocabulary: We are learning our 10 new words this week and will play games. We are testing over our vocab words this week.
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