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Mrs. Melissa La Rose  Grade 2  Calendar
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Please make sure you are checking my bulletin board! It has all the information you need!! I keep it updated!!


Party Sign up
As of 12/14 we still need the following:

Few Dates to Remember:

Gentle Reminder: Books for the class book exchange need to be brought in by Wednesday so I can wrap them! Thanks!

Advent program is December 19. We have two shows that day! Matinee is at 1:30 and the program is at 6:30 in the Church.

Christmas break begins Friday, December 21- January 2. Class resumes on January 3.

Solar System projects are going home today!!

What's happening in 2nd grade!

Math: We are starting our chapter on measurement! They have rulers that go home and MUST come back with them the next day! That is the only ruler they have here at school!!
Reading: We are working on Christmas Around the World! This is so neat to see how other countries celebrate Christmas and what their traditions are!
Religion: We are learning about Advent and what that means for us as Catholics.
Language: We are learning how to combine sentences with like nouns, verbs, and adjectives.
Science: We are finishing up space!
Social Studies: We will be starting our next unit on the Branches of Government.
Handwriting: We are plowing through cursive! They are doing great with this!!
Vocabulary: We are learning our 10 new words this week and will play games. We are testing over our vocab words this week.
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