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Melissa Tindall  Grade 4  Calendar
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Welcome to Mrs. Tindall's 4th Grade Class!

Week of November 20, 2017

The spelling words for Unit 7 are: Accurate, Alert, Ancestor, Disaster, Elementary, Envy, Epidemic, Feeble, Penetrate, Romp, Staple, Survive.

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday the Unit 7 spelling test will be Thursday, November 30th and the definitions test is Friday, December 1st.

The Favorite State projects were a HUGE success! Everyone did an amazing job and I am proud of their efforts. Grades will be given out on Monday and I would like the posters to stay in the classroom for Grandparents Day. Students may take them home on Wednesday.

We will begin with Mass at 9:00 on Wednesday. Our visitors can meet us in church, 4th grade sits on the right side about half way back, or come to the classroom and go over to church with us. After Mass we will have breakfast in the cafeteria and then hopefully a sneak peak of St. Rose Hall. Mr. Bean and the children have a program that will end the morning. Hoping to see all of our grandparents!

St Rose of Lima is sponsoring a sock drive, more information coming soon.

Monday, November 20th is a dress down day!

It's going to be a fun week filled with family, loving memories, and great food. I wish all students, parents, and grandparents a very Happy Thanksgiving. See you in the morning!

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