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Mrs. Melissa Tindall  Grade 4  Calendar
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Welcome to Mrs. Tindall's 4th Grade Class!
St. Rose of Lima School

Week of August 20, 2018

Wow! We made it through the first week, and my 4th grade students are awesome! It's going to be a great year!

Together we reviewed the class rules and procedures, the discipline policy, and our class schedule. I know it is a lot to get used to, but I am not worried.

We began our quest into our textbooks on Thursday with an introduction. I will post upcoming assignments and due dates to help keep everything straight. Students were also given a planner and a binder which we will begin using on Monday.

We began our first unit of Vocabulary on Thursday, the assigned pages are 8 - 15. The workbook is due on August 31. There will be a spelling test over these 12 words on 8/31, and a definitions test on 8/30. We will grade the workbook together and then I will collect and double check their work before I enter their grade. Here are the spelling words:

Celebrity, Counsel, Demonstrate, Drowsy, Essential, Hardship, Haul, Humble, Pledge, Sincere, Stampede, Suitable.

I have taken down the class supply list, but if you still need to access it, it is under the links tab at the top of the page.

Every Friday at mass the fourth grade students will bring the gifts to Father Anderson. I will choose 2 students for this job every week. As the start of the new school year we have been asked to do this at mass on Wednesday, August 15th.

Every day at dismissal time I will walk the students down the stairs from the classroom to the main hall. My dismissal post is the 4th Street door, and I will not return to the classroom until all students are accounted for.

Lots and lots of papers went home today for parents to review and sign. Please remember to send them back with your student on Monday.

I will update the bulletin on Fridays for the following week.

If you need to reach me for any reason the best way is through Fast Direct and I will respond promptly. Thank you for all you do and I look forward to a fantastic school year!

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