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Mrs. Tami Mason  Preschool  Calendar
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Preschool News

** $5 donation for our next fundraiser on November 3rd. BINGO, Bags, and Beverages
*** If you are planning on playing bingo, please get your tickets ASAP, they are selling FAST!
****Spirit week
Monday- Mismatched
Tuesday- Pajama day
Wednesday- none
Thursday career Day
Friday jersey/St. Rose gear Day

Important Dates

October 19 end of quarter
October 25 Parent teacher Conference 3-8 pm
October 26 NO SCHOOL
October 31 Halloween
November 3 Bingo, Bags, and Beverages

Our new letter this week is /N/. We will add the number 7, the color black, and the octagon to our calendar. We will be learning about spiders this week. We filled the happy jar again! Movie/fun Friday coming up! Parents who signed up for a conference time, check your child's folder this week for your time. If you did not sign up for conference but feel you need one, let me know and we can try to work you in. The four year old group will be bringing home a weekly letter book. Please ask your child to read it to you, sign it and return it to school by Thursday each week.The 4's are also working on writing their first name, color words, scissor skill for those who need it.The 3's are working on the first letter of their name, scissor skills, and holding crayon/marker correctly.
Have a great week,
Mrs. Mason

Teacher Notes

* $5 for Bingo fundraiser
*Please do not send your child to school if they are ill or exhibiting signs of illness
*24 hours fever free before they can return
*Send a Fast Direct message if your child will be absent

Mrs. Katherine Compton  Principal  Calendar
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