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Mrs. Tami Mason  Preschool  Calendar
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First Full Week

Important Dates

Friday, August 31st: 1/2 day, Professional Developement
Monday, September 3rd: No School Labor Day
Tuesday, September 11: Picture Day
Saturday, September 29: Car Show

Teacher Notes

This week we will begin to add items to our calendar. We will start with the number 0, the color red, and the circle. We will continue to get to know each other and the class routine. This will include recognizing our names and beginning to recognize our classmates names. Our first classroom manner of the week will be to learn to help others. Our first nursery rhyme will be "Mary had a Little Lamb"
Mrs. Mason

*Please remember to check your child in each morning. Let the teacher know about lunch and after school. Please help them with their morning tasks until they have established the routine.
* Please send your $10 in for the car show raffle and attendance prize purchases.

Mrs. Katherine Compton  Principal  Calendar
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Father Alexander Anderson  Calendar
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Mrs. Natalie Woodrum  Secretary  Calendar
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Mrs. Jessica Milton  Preschool - Aide  Calendar
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Ms. Catherine Leingang  Kindergarten  Calendar
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Mrs. Emily Allen  Grade 1  Calendar
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Mrs. Melissa La Rose  Grade 2  Calendar
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Mrs. Emily Pagano  Grade 3  Calendar
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Mrs. Melissa Tindall  Grade 4  Calendar
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Mr. Ron Taylor  Grade 5/6  Calendar
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Mr Brian Fairbanks  Grades7-8  Calendar
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Mrs. Gina Baldwin  Art  Calendar
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Mrs. Corie Boyer  Finance  Calendar
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Mrs. Kim Merseal  Cafeteria  Calendar
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Raider Review  Calendar
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Mrs. Sherri Hercher  Calendar
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Mr. Mark Beidle  Counselor  Calendar
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Mr Mike Merseal  Custodian  Calendar
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Mrs. Whitney Martin  Music/PE  Calendar
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Deacon Matthew O'Neail  Deacon   Calendar
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