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Stephanie Valleroy  Third Grade  Calendar
398 views since 09/06/2021


Hebrews 3:19-20a

Cell - 618-443-8107, Email-, Facebook Messenger, or Fast Direct.

USE THE WEBSITE and use our classroom code: NKGTK

All orders earn points for our classroom to get new books!!!

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St. John's Sports Calendar  Calendar  Calendar
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Mr. Justin Palm  Principal  Calendar
1176 views since 10/01/2019 
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Rev. Mark Nebel  Pastor  Calendar
952 views since 08/21/2007 
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Ms. Lindsey Hudak  Music Director  Calendar
105 views since 07/27/2020 
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Mrs. Jill Gross  Head Cook  Calendar
556 views since 10/18/2011 
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Marilyn Oettle  Cook  Calendar
286 views since 10/03/2012 
Mrs. Cindy Steele  Preschool 3 -- am  Calendar
4 views since 01/27/2023 
Mrs. Cindy Steele  Preschool 3--pm  Calendar
3 views since 01/27/2023 
Mrs. Cindy Steele  Pre-school 4--am  Calendar
4 views since 01/27/2023 
Mrs. Cindy Steele  Preschool 4--pm  Calendar
2 views since 01/27/2023 
Mrs. Betty Schmitz  Kindergarten  Calendar
11 views since 01/26/2023 
Mrs. Rachel Miller  First Grade  Calendar
5 views since 01/27/2023 
Mrs. Rebekah Liefer  Second Grade  Calendar
369 views since 02/03/2022 
Mrs. Cindy Nebel  Grade 4 Grade  Calendar
3 views since 01/27/2023 
Miss Amanda Ruhmann  Fifth grade  Calendar
30 views since 01/03/2023 
Mrs Doreen Schnepel  Sixth Grade  Calendar
95 views since 08/18/2022 
Mrs. Nancy Whelan  Seventh Grade  Calendar
270 views since 01/20/2022 
Mr. Bill Becker  Eighth grade  Calendar
7 views since 01/05/2023 
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Kellie Shields  DayCare teacher  Calendar
594 views since 12/21/2009 
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Mrs. Amanda Falkenhain  Day Care Director  Calendar
148 views since 09/22/2020 
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Nicki Kadlec  Daycare Teacher  Calendar
746 views since 07/12/2012 
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Mrs. Pam Henry  Day Care Assistant  Calendar
562 views since 04/27/2006 
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Eileen Seibold  Daycare Assistant  Calendar
241 views since 05/22/2013 
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Christy Deterding  Daycare Teacher  Calendar
261 views since 05/23/2014 
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Lisa Quinn  Daycare Assistant  Calendar
308 views since 11/28/2011 
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Mrs. Sue Guebert  Volunteer  Calendar
363 views since 08/21/2007 
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Sub Teacher  Substitute  Calendar
361 views since 08/29/2007 
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Kristi Martel  Daycare Teacher  Calendar
267 views since 01/27/2015 
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Amanda Falkenhain  Director of Daycare  Calendar
303 views since 08/20/2015 
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Phyllis Notter   Volunteer  Calendar
254 views since 09/13/2016 
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Melissa Schilling  Daycare Assistant  Calendar
232 views since 12/20/2016 
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Geraldine Thompson   Daycare Custodian   Calendar
0 views since 02/22/2017 
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Patricia Brewer  Daycare teacher  Calendar
0 views since 08/22/2017 
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Courtney Schoenbeck  Daycare teacher  Calendar
0 views since 02/09/2018 
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Before/After Care  Before/After School   Calendar
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Megan Diercks  Daycare Teacher  Calendar
0 views since 03/21/2019 
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Mrs. Patty Schnepel  Aide  Calendar
0 views since 08/22/2019 
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Miss Kaleigh Johnston  Calendar
0 views since 08/22/2019 
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Mrs. Brittney Eichholz  Calendar
0 views since 01/08/2020 
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Sarah Beth Nieweglowski  After School Care  Calendar
0 views since 07/21/2020 
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Amy Williams  Calendar
0 views since 08/18/2020 
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Leslie Froemling  OfficeLF  Calendar
0 views since 07/19/2021 
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Rev. Brian Nowak  Pastor  Calendar
0 views since 08/17/2021 
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Kaitlin Schmitz  Calendar
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Haley Ehler  Calendar
0 views since 11/03/2021 
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Sara Shepherd  OfficeSS  Calendar
0 views since 11/16/2021 
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Hailey Guebert  Calendar
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Courtney Schaefer  Calendar
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Morgan Schmidt  Calendar
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Brittany Smith  Calendar
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Ms. Judy Stephens  Resource K-8  Calendar
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Mrs. Deitt Schneider  Principal  Calendar
124 views since 05/02/2022