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2ND Corinthians 5:17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation.
The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.
St. John's Lutheran School provides quality Christ centered education for the congregation and community to make and equip disciples of Jesus Christ. Matthew 28:18-20 And Jesus came and said to them, "All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.
And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age."

Mrs. Liefer's 2nd Grade News From the Nest

Week of May 18, 2020

First, I would like to mention how proud I am of all the students. They were presented with a challenge and with God's help they stepped up and conquered!! Everyone figured out how do something totally brand new. Parents, thank you so much for helping and leading them. I appreciate you going with my new way of teaching and keeping up with the activities. I know you love and care for your children and wouldn't want them to fall behind. Feel free to complete anything this summer that is unfinished. I just appreciate our school and parents so much. I love your involvement and support.
The second part of my newsletter this morning is about how I am not assigning any more work except for what I have already posted on Google Classroom. Last week's quizzes are still up and the two new quizzes as well. Last week I also posted a Math survey regarding Ch. 9. Once I send you the spreadsheet with everyone's answers it should allow you to do all the graphs and charts in the chapter. Have fun with this! You will get to see everyone's answers about their favorite things!! I will let you know as soon as I post this spreadsheet. Also posted in Google Classroom are the new quizzes for this week and also notice a new survey for the students as well as an invitation for the parents to comment on a Google Form.
We will close this 2nd Grade school year by picking up our Report Cards at school May 27, 28, or 29. I can let you know when I will be there in case you would like to come while I am there. When you come, please bring any school-owned items. The students were each given two book-nook books before they left school so please return those. (I know some already have.) Please return any school hard-back text books. I think the only one they have is the Reading Storytown book. (Please inform me if I forgot one.) I also would like the soft-back Shurley English workbook back. I know that this has been written in by this year's 2nd Graders and some pages are torn out, but I think we can use it next year.
When you go to get your report cards please pick up the gift bag with your name on it. This is just a little token of my appreciation I have for you. Thanks for the fun!
Have a great summer and remember how much Jesus loves you!!

Mrs. Liefer’s 2nd Grade News From The Nest
Week of May 11 (5/11)
GOOGLE MEET: Wednesday, May 13th 6:30p.m.
We are nearing the end of the school year! Your last quizzes will be given the week of May 18. All redone work/incomplete assignments need to be turned in by
May 22. Report Cards can be picked up at school May 27-29. When you come to get your report card there will be something else for you to pick up. Please turn in your English workbook and Storytown Reading textbook at that time. Please also return any Book Nook or library books.

When you look at Google Classroom Stream please participate in the “What’s My Job?” game!

We are looking for any parent or adult to do a Career of the Day Google presentation. Any volunteers?

Read the devotions that have been posted in Google Classroom, catch up on any unfinished lessons, watch for videos, and do your sticker worksheets. Or read out of your own Bible story books or even the Bible!!

You may skip p. 121-124.
Do p. 125, 126, 127, 128, 129


Finish up Ch. 11 then watch for a form to fill out on Google Classroom for Ch. 9. You will find it with the quizzes.

Ch. 11 (I have posted extra lessons here just so we can finish up the chapter. Feel free to do as little or as much as you would like just as long as you know the material well enough to still be able to do well on the quiz.)
Less. 6 p. 677-682 Problem Solving
P. 683-684 Check My Progress
Less. 7 p. 685-690 Centimeters and Meters
Less. 8 p. 691-696 Select and Use Metric Tools
Less. 9 p. 697-702 Compare Metric Lengths
Less. 10 p. 703-708 Relate Centimeters and Meters (This is a tough lesson. You may skip it.)
Less. 11 p. 709-714 Measure on a Number Line
Less. 12 p. 715-720 Measurement Data

Language Arts:
List 27

Story “Ah, Music” p. 98-113
Vocabulary for “Ah, Music”
-Storytown p. 96-97
-workbook p. 138
-crossword / worksheet
Reading workbook
237 247 (bottom) Contractions
238 (top) ou, oo
238 prefixes
240 (top) aw, augh
240 (bottom) f to v
243 al, ough, au, aw, and tion
244 antonyms

Reading Worksheets from New Packet:
In the materials that were picked up on May 1st you will find some worksheets. They are easier versions of some of the workbook pages that we skipped. For instance, you will find some worksheets that are labeled, “Plot”. Pages 164, 172, and 197 from your Reading workbook address “Plot” but we skipped those pages. They are a little difficult for you to do on your own but the worksheets are easier. Please learn about “Plot” with the worksheets and these videos:
This video was probably meant for older students but I think you will like it, afterall, it is Disney!!

Mrs. Liefer’s 2nd Grade News From the Nest
Week of May 4 (5/4)

GOOGLE MEET: Wednesday, May 6, 6:30 P.M.

Book 9 Lesson 72, p. 15-16 (Paul is Shipwrecked)
We have finished all of our Religion books!
I have given you some worksheets to do that will use more stickers. You will need to locate your old books and find the numbers in the sticker boxes that correspond or match with the numbers on the bottom of the worksheets.
Keep an eye open on Google Classroom, too, for videos of more Bible stories.

Google Classwork has more of the online version of your Social Studies book. They are not required. When I post these, the computer requires that I input a due date, but you may disregard it.
The 4th quarter usually is the time when we do “Career of the Day”. Normally, we might make a field trip out of it or have visitors to the classroom to talk about their careers. Obviously, we are going to have to do things a little differently this year. The children have a fun packet to do at the very least, and I can record myself reading a book or two to the students, but maybe someone would like to make a video of a career or post one off the internet. Please consult me first before doing so and I will help where needed. I am hoping that we can take advantage of technology and surprise ourselves as to how awesome this year’s career presentations could be!!! You can ask your parents or other family members or even talk to someone from the public about presenting their careers!! Please contact me and we will set it up! Thanks and let’s make this a great “Career of the Day”experience!

You may skip p. 114 and 115.
Do p. 116, 117, 118, 119 and 120.

Everything below may be quizzed.

Annie’s Gifts p. 58-87
-Storytown p. 56-57
-Slideplayer link:
-Reading workbook p. 130
-“Annie’s Gifts” Crossword

Reading Worksheets from New Packet:
In the materials that were picked up on May 1st you will find some worksheets. They are easier versions of some of the workbook pages that we skipped. For instance, you will find some worksheets that are labeled, “Setting”. Pages 120, 128, and 153 from your Reading workbook address “Setting” but we skipped those pages. They are a little difficult for you to do on your own but the worksheets are easier. Please learn about “Setting” with the worksheets and these videos:

Reading workbook:
P. 230, 231, 233, 246 top (ea, eigh, ey) P. 235, 249 (Multiple Meaning Words)
If you have not watched the previous videos of multiple meaning words, then please do.
P. 236, 246 bottom (er, est)

List 26 packet
Don’t forget to go on Spelling City!

We will begin a new chapter on measurement.
Chapter 11, Customary and Metric Lengths (p. 635)
In this chapter, whenever it tells you to measure something in the classroom just find something comparable at home to measure.
Do “Am I Ready?” p. 637 and “My Math Words” p. 638
Lesson 1 p. 645-650 Inches
Lesson 2 p. 651-656 Feet and Yards
Lesson 3 p. 657-662 Select and Use Customary Tools
P. 663-664 Check My Progress
Lesson 4 p. 665-670 Compare Customary Lengths
Lesson 5 p. 671-676 Relate Inches, Feet, and Yards

Mrs. Liefer’s 2nd Grade
News From the Nest
Week of April 27 (4/27)
Google Meet: Wednesday, April 29 (4/29) at 6:30p.m.
Book 9
Lesson 69 p. 9-10 Peter is Rescued
Lesson 70 p. 11-12 The Jailer at Philippi (box 70 stickers)
Lesson 71 p. 13-14 Paul’s Nephew Saves His LIfe (box 71)
Hopefully a video of Mrs. Liefer reading a Bible story will show up in the Religion section of Google Classwork.
You may skip p. 106, 107, 108
Do p. 109, 110, 111, 112, 113

Everything below
may be quizzed:

Story “The Bee”
Read Storytown p. 244-275
Storytown 242-243
Workbook p. 182
Crossword Puzzle “The Bee”

Reading Workbook
P. 220 Change f to v
There are 3 videos below. You do not need to watch them all.
Plurals: F to VES
(next page for another video link)
P. 222, 223, 225 the sound of a before l and ough
If you like “I LOve Lucy” shows, you will love the next video. Ricky Ricardo tries to read a story:
Geraldine the Giraffe is in this next video!
Reading Workbook
P. 227 Multiple Meaning Words
P. 228 tion
P. 229 (bottom) Helping Verbs have and has
Online game about have, has, go, goes:
List 25 packet
Don’t forget to go on Spelling City!
(next page)
MATH Chapter 10

Lesson 4 P. 613-618 Time to the Quarter Hour
Lesson 5 P. 619-624 Time to 5 Minute Intervals
Lesson 6 P. 625-630 A.M. and P.M.
Chapter 10 Review P. 631-634

Week of April 20

GOOGLE MEET this Wednesday, April 22 at 6:30. We will read, “Mr. Putter and
Tabby Write the Book” together.

Religion: Book 9
p. 3-4 (Lesson 66 stickers)
p. 5-6 (Lesson 67)
p. 7-8 (Lesson 68 stickers)

Language Arts: There will be an online quiz covering the assignments in green.
STORY - “Mr. Putter and Tabby Write the Book”
(P. 22-43 in Storytown)

VOCABULARY - Read p. 20-21 in Storytown
Slide show:
Workbook Vocab page: 122
Crossword for “Mr. Putter…”

READING WORKBOOK - 211, 219 antonyms(opposites)
214, 215, 217 au, aw, augh (two videos)
(See if you notice the mistake in the video!!)
212 prefixes

Prefix game

Handwriting- p. 102, 103, 104, 105
Don’t forget! You can scan the QR Code for instructions!

Spelling - List 24

MATH - New Chapter!! There will be an online math quiz over the math assignments in orange.
Ch. 10 TIME p. 583
P. 585 Am I Ready?
P. 586 My Math Words
Vocabulary Cards
P. 593-598 Lesson 1 “Time to the Hour”
P. 599-604 Lesson 2 “Time to the Half Hour”
P. 605-610 Lesson 3 “Problem Solving”
P. 611-612 Check My Progress

Week of Tuesday, April 14


When you go to Google Classroom, click on the 3 lines on the left top of the screen. Then click on “To Do”. This is a quick reference of everything that you should do. Clean it out by clicking, “Mark As Done” or “Turn In”, but only after you have done those activities. This will help you find your assignments better.

Cooper, Brayden, Evan, Max, and Athena still need to do the “Where On Earth Is My Bagel” quiz in Google Classroom.

A new Language Arts quiz has been assigned. The due date is Sunday, April 19. We will have one of these per week. The quizzes will cover the material learned the week before in Spelling, Reading story, Reading workbook, and Vocabulary.

Look for a Math quiz to be assigned at the end of Ch. 12. We will try to have a Math quiz each week.

We will still do Google Meets!! This will be a way for you to have fun with your classmates and catch up on some conversation. We will also be reading our stories together, like we did with “Where On Earth Is My Bagel?”. Google Meets will be once a week on Wednesdays from now on at 6:30.

How was your Easter?!?!? Jesus is RISEN! ALLELUIA!
Easter video:
Religion book 8 Lesson 63 (p. 13-14)
Lesson 64 (p. 15-16) Stickers are in Box 64
Book 9 Lesson 65 (p. 1-2) Stickers are in Box 65

Alphabetical order video:
Also, I gave your parents the directions to do BINGO with you!!

Keep doing your Phonics worksheets in order at your own pace. Please, at least, learn the new material. Also, keep reading your little readers.

Lesson 23 packet and Spelling City.

Read the story, “Watching In the Wild” p. 284-295.
Video about chimps:
Workbook page 188 about Chimps and Gorillas
Read from Storytown p. 282-283
Do the “Watching in the Wild” Crossword puzzle.
Workbook Vocabulary p. 190
199 oo sound
202 contractions Quizlet
206, 207, 209 Keyword “hook”

P. 98, 99, 100, 101
You are starting Capital Cursive Letters!!

Ch. 12 Lesson 7 p. 778-782
Ch. 12 Lesson 8 p. 784-788
Ch. 12 Review P. 789-792
Be ready for a quiz on Friday on Google Classroom on Math Ch. 12!

The newest Fast Direct posts will be on top. To still refer back to the old newsletters look below.
For the week of April 6 - 9 (See below for the whole month of April.)
HOLY WEEK - NO “SCHOOL” Good Friday or Easter Monday

April 6 Lesson 58 p. 3-4 "Jesus Washes the Disciples' Feet"
April 7 Lesson 59 p. 5-6 "Jesus in Gethsemane"
April 8 Lesson 60 p. 7-8 "Peter Denies Jesus"
April 9 Lesson 61 p. 9-10 "Jesus on the Cross"
April 10 Lesson 62 p. 11-12 "Jesus Dies and Is Buried" GOOD FRIDAY

-I forgot to write about Spelling on the pdf that I sent over Remind. Each week, please do the packet for the assigned lesson. These lessons take the place of our weekly tests. You may also go online to “Spelling City” to practice your words.
-If you have not done the worksheet packet for Lesson 21, then please do so.

Lesson 22 is assigned for this week. Go on Spelling City for Lesson 22.

You are required to show knowledge of the following assignments. If you do not have time to complete every problem, at least look over them enough to be able to answer questions on online quizzes that will be posted on Google Classroom.

Read the story, “A Chair For My Mother” from P. 166-191.
A chair for my mother by Vera B. Williams. Grandma Annii's Storytime

Vocabulary crossword worksheet for “A Chair For My Mother” and read p. 164-165 in Storytown
Link to Vocabulary words - A Chair for My Mother *Robust Vocabulary*. allowance If you get money for doing chores or helping at home, then you get an allowance. - ppt download

Workbook pages
192 - 1 | English Song for Kids | Reading & Writing Skills | Grammar | Jack Hartmann
193 -
194 - & Cow - Diphthong /au/ Phonics Story - ow, ou
Abbreviation: Months, Days, Titles,
196 (top)
198 (top)

P. 94, 95, 96, 97

“Check My Progress” and Ch. 12 Lessons 4, 5, 6 (p.757-776) I hope to view the “Homework” pages over Google Meet.
How to Describe 3D Shapes (same as last week) (new)

-Do as much as you want from the packet of worksheets. Do not skip lessons because they build on each other.
-Read your next booklet.

Watch for links to videos to click on.
Watch for a quiz or two to click on.

Our next session will be Wednesday, April 8 at 6:30.

April, 2020

- I will strive to be of service to you and answer any questions or concerns you may have.
- I will seek God’s help in all the dealings I will have with you.
- With God’s help, I will show His love when I communicate with the students and their families.

- Prayers
- Patience
- Understanding

- My first goal is for the children to still receive instruction about Jesus, their Lord and Savior!! Even amid all this change, Jesus remains unchanging and constant in His love for all his dear children. He helps us in all our needs and trials. We are missing the touch of other people but Jesus’ touch goes beyond all barriers and reaches inside us, touching us deeply into our hearts and souls.
- My number two goal is to keep your family home and safe. I am trying to set it up where you do not need to come to the school weekly anymore.
- Hopefully I have stocked your mailboxes with enough papers and supplies to last you through the month of April.

- I will look over the papers from March 17 - April 3 and make corrections. They will be put into your mailboxes at school when I am finished.
- None of the work will receive a letter grade.
- All assignments either get a “Pass” or an “Incomplete”.
- Incompletes will need to be completed.
- Assignments need to be turned in by April 30, with a short grace period following.
- You will receive a check mark in my grade book when you complete an assignment.
- All assignments that show lack of understanding will be sent back to you for a redo. Contact me if you are still having trouble and I will be glad to help.
- Be prepared at any time to display your completed assignments after their due date via Google Meet or picture sent to me via text or e-mail

- My phone number is 618-570-4957
- My email is
- You may leave me messages through text, email, Remind, or Fast Direct. Give me more time to respond if sending email or Fast Direct because I do not check those every day.
- Go through FastDirect 2nd Grade Bulletin Board and Google Classroom, unless otherwise directed or prompted, to retrieve my messages and assignments to you. Quick announcements will be given through Remind.
- Accommodations will be made for those who do not have good internet. Please let me know if you are unable to get onto Fast Direct Bulletin Board, Google Meet or Google Classroom and we can work out an individualized plan for communication and receiving and turning in assignments.

- See Mrs. Schneider’s Fast Direct letter to parents
- The first part of this Covid -19 crisis was considered an “Act of God”. Now, for the month of April, it is considered “remote learning.”
- The distance learning will focus on Religion, Language Arts, and Math.
- Nearly all of the paperwork that the students would normally be doing in the classroom is being sent home for the whole month of April. I know it is a lot, but...
- I am not requiring the students to do any of it unless stated in the Weekly Online Fast Direct 2nd Grade Bulletin Board “News From The Nest”.
- The papers are given to you in case you want to go “above and beyond” in your academics and education. They are given to you in case you want to “stay ahead of the game or curve”. They are given to you in case you feel like your education will be lacking during this Covid 19 crisis.

- I am trying to learn new ways of teaching through technology.
- I need your patience.
- Google Classroom and Google Meet are brand new to me. I am hoping to play around with these more to optimize performance to fit our needs.
- I may use Google Meet to check to see if the students have done their required assignments. For instance, I may have the student display a Reading workbook page across their computer’s camera so I can see that they did the page. Then we might go over the answers together and see if there are any questions.
- Google Forms is fairly new to me. This is how I constructed the online quiz for “Where On Earth Is My Bagel.” I will use Google Forms often for other “quizzes”.
- Pictures via text or email (I may have you take a picture of a finished workbook page or worksheet and send it to me, if you are able.)
- I hope to learn how to record myself talking to, reading to, and teaching the students.
- My goal is to link or forward online activities, videos, and assignments to Google Classroom so all of these are consolidated into one place: Google Classroom.

- Use of the regular Math book
- I will assign every page, like normal, but I will not “grade” every page.
- Be prepared, at any moment, to have to display your finished work, either with a picture over the phone or when we do a Google Meet. Whatever is not finished will become an “Incomplete”. I especially will want to see the Chapter Review pages from your book.
- Math activities over Google Meet. For instance, please make the paper clock so that you can set your clock to the times that I ask you to. When prompted, you will display your clock with the correct time so that I can see it on my computer screen.
- Links to instruction videos
- Do the Dot To Dots and the Fact Sheets in your “Everyday 3-ring Binder”
- You can still do the “Number of the Day” Sheets from the 3-ring Binder. Did I give you numbers up until the end? If not, make up your own.

- I would like you to keep learning, practicing, and loving CURSIVE!!!
- We will continue with our regular Handwriting books.
- Use the camera on your phone or tablet to scan the QR code in your book to reveal the instructions about how to form each letter.

- Please bring back the Shurley English workbooks. I will use those books with next year’s 2nd graders. The Shurley English will not be used anymore this year.
- Instead, I will read books from my book nook to the students over Google. The books are called, “If You Were a Verb”, “If You Were An Adjective” and others like it. I may ask some questions over Google about these books.
- The Reading Workbook incorporates English pages with it, so you will be doing those pages, even though normally I do not assign them.
- Do the Proofreading and Sentence Correction pages from our “Everyday 3-ring Binder”. I have collected your Shurley textbooks but I will somehow send you the Shurley capitalization and punctuation rules

Here is a quote from our Saxon program publishers: “In order for this program to work effectively, children should read aloud to someone every day.” Also, “The overall goal is to teach children how to read; coding is simply a tool that helps them achieve that end.” Please set aside time to read at home.
- Packets were put in your mailboxes.
- Packets contain:
Regular worksheets -
-Please read the note I attached to the top of the clipped papers.
-Each lesson teaches a new concept. Practice the new concepts by finding and coding those words. I will reference the new learning skills during our Google talks together.
-There is no need to code every word or do every problem.
- The intent of Phonics class is for you to become a fluent reader. Practice reading the words instead of coding them all. Pick and choose which stories at the bottom of the worksheet and homework papers to read. Read by yourself or read to someone else. It is your choice!!
- The more you choose to do, the better reader you will become!

Little reader booklets -
- I will let you know the lesson numbers on which these are introduced.
- It is intended that you read one of these a week.
- Please read them to another person like you usually do.
ABC order pages-
- I am hoping to teach these from during a Google Meet or some other means of digital communication.
- If you know how to do them by yourself or with parent help, go for it!
Bingo sheets-
- We will play Bingo together over Google Meet! Let’s have fun!
- Doing these is a good way to review concepts learned.
- You may use your own tokens from home or just use a marker or pencil.

- I have given you all of the assignments already from past newsletters up through Easter.
- Keep all of the books. Do not return them to me. Do not throw the books away. You will need them for their stickers.
- I will save the worksheets until later.
- Sometimes for Religion class I may read a book to the class or send a link to a video for you to watch.

- workbook
- I will continue to assign various pages
- Links to instructional videos may be put on Google Classroom
- Instead of doing one of the pages that we skipped, I may give a video that teaches the
same topic.
- Do not tear out pages
- Storytown textbook stories
- I will assign the reading of a story every week.
- I may put out a link of the reading of the story online, but this does not take the place of
reading the story yourself.
- We may or may not read the story together over Google Meet.
- I will give you comprehension questions through Google Classroom like I did for “Where
On Earth Is My Bagel?”
- Vocabulary
- pages in the workbook
- short stories in the Storytown textbook that introduces most of the Vocabulary words
- link to online slides that explain the meanings of the words
- crossword puzzle worksheet weekly

- Even though Social Studies is not one of our focus subjects, I am still sending out a digital version of our curriculum. You will find it on Google Classroom. The computer would not allow me to send it to you unless I filled in the due date. There is no due date, however. It is not even an assignment that you have to do. It is there for you to enhance your studies during this time of Covid 19.
- Basically what you will find when you click on the Google classroom Social Studies activities is the computer reading to you the book. Make sure you click on the play arrows.
- It also lets you do some multiple choice and other fun activities. (Some of it is hard to figure out for me but I bet you kids will do better than me on it!)
- I will automatically know through the computer if you do the Social Studies work. Just click on send or submit.
- You can follow along in your real workbook and still write answers there, too, with pencil, if you want.
- If you have questions about answers I will help.

SCIENCE: NOT REQUIRED (I think you will have fun if you do the Science!)
- Finish reading Book B and do more worksheets
- Book C and worksheets
- maybe some links to videos?

I do need you to make the paper clock. Think of it as Math and Art.
Someone posted an art project on Google Classroom
If you make it you can display it on Google Meet or take a picture and send it.

Week of March 30

This is going to be a week of catch-up for you. I will not be assigning as much. It will also be a time when we try out new online virtual classroom activities. I have written a message on Google Classroom for the children to log onto and respond on with their own words. A few students have already gotten on Google Classroom and have responded. Links to videos are posted on Google Classroom. Please let me know if you have difficulty logging on. Also, my hope is to start Google Meet. It is like FaceTime where it accesses your computer’s camera and you will see my face and your face and anyone else’s who has logged onto the meeting. Our meeting time will be Thursday at 6:30 PM. There will be a link on Google Classroom to click onto when the meeting time comes. It will automatically bring you to our meeting on Google Meet. See below for the activity that I wish to do on Google Meet with the students.

READING: The students will each be assigned a page from the purple Storytown book to practice reading out loud at home, and then to read out loud when the class reads the whole story together as a class over Google Meet! Each student’s page is listed below:
Colton - 330, 331
Annie - 332 top
Amelia - 332 (bottom), 333
Cooper - 334
Kellen - 335, 336
Sutton - 337
Aubrey - 338
Payton - 339
Brayden - 340
Evan - 341
Jozlynn - 342, 343
Kaydence - 344 (top)
Easton - 344 (bottom)
Henry - 345
Austin - 346
Elle - 347
Max - 349
Athena - 350
Sophia - 352, 353

Also,here is a link (also posted on Google Classroom) to watch the reading of "Where on Earth Is My Bagel" on your computer!!

READING: workbook pages and corresponding videos...
185(use suffix “ed” for each answer),
186, 187, 189
183,191 Synonyms (A synonym is a word that means the same as another word.) Here is a link to a video about synonyms.
(Do not tear these pages out.)

HANDWRITING : 88, 89, 90, 91, 92-93 You can use the camera on your phone to scan the Digital Tutor QR code at the bottom of each page for instructions. (Do not tear these pages out.)

RELIGION: See the schedule below to know what to read for religion class.

MATH: When you are finished with Ch. 8, please turn in only the "Homework" pages. We will skip a few chapters now and begin Chapter 12 which starts on p. 725. Please do "Am I Ready?" p. 727, "My Math Words" p. 728, Lesson 1 p. 740-744, Lesson 2 p. 746-750, and Lesson 3 p. 752-756 (There is nothing you have to write on p. 755.) Please use the "My Vocabulary Cards" at the beginning of the chapter to help you know how to answer the questions. Oh! And don't forget to go on Prodigy!!
Here are some video links (also posted on Google Classroom) to watch to help you with Math this week:

SPELLING: I will not hand out a new Spelling List or packet. This gives you time to go on Spelling City for the older lessons if you have not done so already. (I think Spelling City right now is offering a free upgrade, but when I tried I could not find out how to do it. If you figure it out, let me and others know!)

Week of March 23

RELIGION: I am requesting quite a lot of reading in a short amount of time for Religion class because if you stay on the following schedule then you should be learning about Holy Week during Holy Week and Easter at Easter.
Book 6 Miracles of Jesus
March 23 Lesson 48 p. 15-16 "Jesus Heals a Blind Man"
Book 7 Jesus' Ministry
Book 7 Review worksheet and Less. 41 and 45 sticker activity sheets
March 24 Lesson 49 p. 1-2 "The Miraculous Catch of Fish"
March 25 Lesson 50 p. 3-4 "The Good Samaritan"
March 26 Lesson 51 p. 5-6 "Jesus at the Home of Mary and Martha"
March 27 Lesson 52 P. 7-8 "The Widow's Mite"
March 30 Lesson 53 p. 9-10 "Jesus Teaches about Prayer"
March 31 Lesson 54 p. 11-12 "the Lost Sheep"
April 1 Lesson 55 p. 13-14 "Mary Anoints Jesus"
April 2 Lesson 56 p. 15-16 "Zacchaeus"
Book 8 Salvation through Jesus
April 3 Lesson 57 P. 1-2 "Jesus Rides into Jerusalem"
April 6 Lesson 58 p. 3-4 "Jesus Washes the Disciples' Feet"
April 7 Lesson 59 p. 5-6 "Jesus in Gethsemane"
April 8 Lesson 60 p. 7-8 "Peter Denies Jesus"
April 9 Lesson 61 p. 9-10 "Jesus on the Cross"
April 10 Lesson 62 p. 11-12 "Jesus Dies and Is Buried" GOOD FRIDAY
April 13 Lesson 63 p. 13-14 "Jesus Rises from the Dead"
April 14 Lesson 64 p. 15-16 "Jesus Appears to the Disciples and Thomas"

MATH - New Book / Ch. 8 Lessons 1-5 and review (There are only 5 lessons in this chapter)
p. 484-518

Read P. 3-5 and worksheets 20, 21, 22, and 23

READING - PURPLE STORYTOWN TEXTBOOK ""Let's Go Rock Collecting" p. 398-421 and poem "Pebbles" p. 425
(Whenever you see the word "millions of years" please think "many years" instead.) This story reinforces what you are learning in Science.

READING - Google search "Agatha Lee Vocab Let's Go Rock Collecting" for a powerpoint presentation on the Vocabulary.

READING - worksheet packet on "Let's Go Rock Collecting" and Vocabulary

READING WORKBOOK - P. 173, 178, 179, 181, 226 (Do not tear these pages out.)

PHONICS - Lessons 77-78-79 I can send pictures of Worksheet coding.

HANDWRITING - p. 84, 85, 86, 87 You can use the camera on your phone to scan the Digital Tutor QR code at the bottom of each page for instructions. (Do not tear these pages out.)

Week of 3/16

Isaiah 12:2 Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust, and will not be afraid.

I encourage the students to do these academic activities while they are at home, especially the ones with an asterisk *.

*RELIGION - There are opportunities to go to church on Saturdays (5:00), Sundays (8am or 10:30am), and special Lenten services on Wednesdays (8:30am or 7pm). Also, I am sending home page numbers to read in the Religion book and a fun worksheet.
Religion Book 6
Lesson 45, p. 9-10 Jesus Feeds the Crowd - Directions for p. 10: Draw lines to connect the pictures to the words.
Lesson 46, p. 11-12 Jesus Walks on Water
Lesson 47, p. 13-14 Jesus Heals a Sick Boy
Also, if you would like, you may watch a video about the miracles of Jesus. Just Google search Animated Bible Stories-Miracles of Jesus on YouTube.

A March / St. Patrick's Day Fun Packet has gone home. This is good for a Social Studies lesson.

ART - A Leprechaun coloring/cut/paste puppet page has gone home. I will send home their crayons, glue stick, and scissors. Please make sure they come back to the classroom later.

*SPELLING - List 20
There will be no test on this list, but please do the Lesson 20 packet. Also, you can go on Spelling City on the internet to Rebekah Liefer’s lists, like you normally do!!

*PHONICS - Homework sheets for Lessons 71, 72, 76
A Phonics Parent Note is going home with each of these lessons. I tried to pick easier ones for the students to be better able to do at home. Hopefully, we will be able to do the fronts of the worksheets together on Monday, as well.

MEMORY- none

*MATH - We are scheduled to have a Ch. 7 test tomorrow, Tuesday, March 17, but this will not take place. Instead, please do the review on p. 469, 470, 471, 472.

*MATH - I don't know what these school closings will bring, but every year I schedule a visit to Buena Vista Bank to get a tour and talk about banking and money. A workbook comes with it. We always take about a week to do this in class, but sending it home seems appropriate. So please work on this fun workbook about Mandy and Randy at home!! Have fun! Also see a counting coins song on Counting Coins or Counting Money for kids - Coins Values Penny, Nickel, Dime and Quarter and other videos online for learning how to count money.

MATH - Go on Prodigy on your home computer like you normally do at school. There are also many other Math websites or apps to use.

This would be a great activity for you to do over this school closing!! Unfortunately, I do not have enough cards to hand out to everyone. So, I am also sending home fact sheets. There are also math facts in the 3 ring morning binder. Please do your best to finish a lot of the 3 ring binder while you are home.

READING - AR is unable to be taken outside of school, so we will not do AR until class is back in session. In the meantime, the students are encouraged to reread the booklets from their Phonics series. Their boxes will go home. They may also go home with 2 of my book nook books if they promise to bring them back. I am sure you have books at home, as well, for your children to read. I am sending two book report forms home for extra credit.

*READING - Please read the story, "Serious Farm" beginning on p. 208 in Storytown. I have sent a packet for the children to work on. Please Google search "Agatha Lee Robust Vocabulary Serious Farm" for a powerpoint presentation of the vocabulary.

*READING - workbook - p. 162, 163, 170, 171 (These are easy ones!!)

*HANDWRITING - (Perfect timing for some review pages!!) p. 82, 83

WRITING - I am providing a paper where the students can write a story about a leprechaun. It gives you the story starter.

JOURNAL - Please feel free to write about anything you would like in your journals. Maybe you could write about your experiences at home during this Corona Virus outbreak and/or your feelings about it. Another journal idea is to tell me all your "hallway sharing time" stories that you would like me to hear. I would love to hear them!!!! Extra points go to any student who can write them in the paragraph format that we have spoken so much about!! Do you remember me encouraging you to tell me the "main idea" or "topic sentence" and then your details?


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