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Mrs. Betty Schmitz  Kindergarten  Calendar
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St. John's Lutheran School
Mrs. Schmitz
"But seek first the kingdom of
God and his righteousness, and all
these things will be added to you.
Matthew 6:33
December 1, 2023

Welcome to the KinderNews. This newsletter will be sent home each Friday or last day of the school week. It will update you on the activities we do each week. I will print snack reminders and special events coming up. You can also view the KinderNews on my Fast Direct bulletin board.
At the bottom of the newsletter is a form for Church and Sunday School attendance. Please fill out the form and return in your child's folder on Monday.

Following are ways you can stay in touch with me: cell phone 618-317-5452 (call or text), school phone 282-3873 ext. 216, Fast Direct, e-mail

Snack Week of Dec. 4: Brooke
Snack Week of Dec. 11: Savanna

December Chapel Offerings: Lutheran World Missions

All School Chapel: Wednesday, Dec. 6 K-2 Christmas Service Old Gym 9:00 & 7:00
All School Chapel: Wednesday, Dec. 13 6-8 Road to Bethlehem Pageant @ church 9:00 & 7:00
All School Chapel: Wednesday, Dec. 20 Daycare- PS Christmas Service Old Gym 9:00 & 7:00

The K-2 Christmas Service will be presented on Wednesday, December 6 both at 9:00 am and 7:00 pm in the Old Gym. Students should attend both performances, please. The Kindergarten girls will be angels for the acting out of the Christmas story. They will wear a ring of garland in their hair as a costume.

Language Arts Festival: Your student brought home a note explaining this. It is optional and something you would do at home. I will be showing students some examples of books I have from former students, so they know what is expected. If you would like to participate and have questions, please ask me.

We collected $90 per LCFS child to buy gifts. Thank you for your donation toward this special cause. Thank you to Candace Horrell, who agreed to do our shopping.

Thank you for supporting the Christmas Cottage. The students enjoyed shopping.

Jesus Time: Solomon's Wisdom. Solomon Turns from God. God hears and prayers and give us what we need. God loves us, forgives us and promises to take care of us.

Phonics: We learned a new rule about twin consonants. When two consonants are together and the same like in the word hill, we cross out the last one so we do not make two sounds of "l" at the end of the word.

Math: we are practicing/learning the numbers from 11-20

Sunday School begins at 9:30. Sunday School is for ages 3 years old to 8th grade. Kindergarten Sunday School will meet in our classroom.

Coming Events:
Wednesday, December 6 Grades K-2 Christmas Service @ 9:00 am & 7:00 pm in Old Gym
Wednesday, December 13 Grades 6-8 Road to Bethlehem Pageant @ 9:00 am & 7:00 pm in church
Sunday, December 17 K-2 Choir sings @ 10:30 Service
Wednesday, December 20 Daycare-PS Christmas Service @ 9:00 am & 7:00 pm in Old Gym
Christmas Break begins: Thursday, December 21
School Resumes: Thursday, January 4

Dear Mrs. Schmitz,

I have read this week's KINDERNEWS for

_____________________________________________(student name)

(Parent/Guardian Signature

My child attended Church YES NO
My child attended Sunday School YES NO Date: December 2/3, 2023

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