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St. John's Lutheran School
Mrs. Schmitz
"Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, teaching
and admonishing one another in all wisdom, singing psalms
and hymns and spiritual songs,
with thankfulness in your hearts to God." Colossians 3:16
January 22, 2021

Welcome to the KinderNews. This newsletter will be sent home each Friday (or last day of the school week.) It will update you on the activities we do each week. I will print snack reminders and special events coming up. You can also view the KinderNews on my Fast Direct bulletin board.
At the bottom of the newsletter is a form for Church and Sunday School attendance. Please fill out the form and return in your child's folder on Monday.

Following are ways you can stay in touch with me: FAST DIRECT, home phone 282-6836, cell phone 618-317-5452 (TEXT), school phone 282-3873 ext. 216, e-mail

CHAPEL: Friday Jan.22 @ 8:20 First grade will lead
Friday, Jan.29 @ 8:20

Letter of the Week: Ee Keyword: elephant

Snacks Week of Jan.25: M-Gogurts, T-Cuties, W-100th day snack, TH-Pudding cups, F-Bring your own

We enjoyed celebrating Mrs. Patty's half birthday on Tuesday (July 16).

Recess will be outside as much as possible. As it gets colder, please send warm coats, even hats and gloves.

A reminder regarding our dress code, leggings are to be worn only under a dress, not as pants. Thank you for your cooperation.

Some students have returned their "Home Reading Record" sheet, or I just call it a Reading sheet and have chosen a treasure out of my Treasure Box. Our friend, Captain Patty, the pirate loves having children "walk the plank" to find treasure from the Treasure Box. Donations will happily be accepted for the Treasure Box.

Information went home about the Pizza Hut BOOK IT! program. Participation is optional. Any participating Pizza Hut will honor the coupons earned.
Our school is in need of a part-time custodian to begin in February. If you know of anyone who would be interested, direct them to call the school office, 282-3873.

Our 100th day of school is Wednesday, January 27. We have been doing lots of 100 activities. We painted 100 dots on our 100 Day T-shirts which we will wear on Wednesday. I will send the shirts home on Tuesday, so they can wear them to school on Wednesday.

Lutheran Schools Week is Jan.24-29. Please read the Cougar Tracks for special dress up and donation items to bring. A note was attached to last week's KinderNews.

JESUS TIME: Jesus Chooses His Disciples: Jesus told Peter, Andrew, James and John to catch men instead of fish. In total, Jesus called twelve men to follow after and learn from Him. God calls His people to be His helpers, to share His love, and to tell others about Jesus. One way we can help others is by bringing the health kit items next week for Lutheran Schools Week.

PHONICS: We learned the letter sound of Cc. The keyword is cat. We learned a new rule, I call it the kite and cat rule. It helps us to know which letter, k or c, spells the /k/ sound. We clap the sounds in a /k/ word. We listen for the sound that comes after /k/. If that letter is a,o,u or any consonant, spell the word with c. If that letter is e,i or y, spell the word with k.
We are learning to blend letter sounds to read words like stamp and milk. This process takes practice and modeling. I hope you are taking time to go over the "letter sheets" that come home each day. Ask about the letter and its sound. Practice sounding out some of the words on the sheet.
Practice reading the high-frequency words on the back of our letter sheets with your child everyday. Have them point to each word as they read it.

SIGHT WORD CARDS:I will collect these next week to add more words.

MATH: We are learning about 3D shapes: sphere, cylinder, pyramid, cube, cone, rectangular prism. We are practicing addition using ten frames, dice and dominoes. We made a snowman hat graph.

SCIENCE: We have begun a new unit on describing items using characteristics like shape, size and color, hard, soft, smooth and rough or bumpy.

Mon.-Fri. January 24-29 National Lutheran Schools Week
Wednesday, January 27 100th Day of School!
Friday, February 12 Next remote learning day

Dear Mrs. Schmitz,

I have read this week's KINDERNEWS for

_____________________________________________(student name)

(Parent/Guardian Signature

My child attended Church YES NO
My child attended Sunday School YES NO Date: January 23/24 2021

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