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Mrs. Schmitz
Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has
passed away; behold, the new has come." 2nd Corinthians 5:17
March 13, 2020

Welcome to the KinderNews. This newsletter will be sent home each Friday (or last day of the school week.) It will update you on the activities we do each week. I will print snack reminders and special events coming up. You can also view the KinderNews on my Fast Direct bulletin board.
At the bottom of the newsletter is a form for Church and Sunday School attendance. Please fill out the form and return in your child's folder on Monday.

Following are ways you can stay in touch with me: FAST DIRECT, home phone 282-6836, cell phone 618-317-5452, school phone 282-3873 ext. 216, e-mail

CHAPEL Friday, March 20 @ 8:30 in the old gym (Kindergarten students will not be walking to church on Wednesdays.

Letter of the Week: Qq Keyword: quilt

Snack Week of March 16: Evlyn
Snack Week of March 23: Bryson

Thank you to Charlie for sharing snack.

Beginning next Monday, I am assigning Memory Work. A letter explaining how I will do this went home in folders on Thursday. Please prepare your child for Monday by reviewing the first part of the Lord's Prayer as directed on the note. Memory work will be assigned for each day of the week, except chapel days. After we finish the Lord's Prayer, we will only have memory on Tuesdays.

Book donations,if you're giving one,for our dinner auction project are due on Monday, March 16. The Superhero book for our dinner auction project is in the classroom, if anyone would like to see it. Thanks to Candace Horrell and Christy and Justin Palm for putting it together.

We are looking to give our students experience with small live farm animals in a kind of petting zoo atmosphere at our Family Fun Night. If you know of someone who has the animals and would be willing to bring them on March 26 and supervise young children interacting with them, please let me know.

Does anyone have a baby fence. The kind of plastic fence a toddler could play in, not a baby gate. We need 2 for Family Fun Night to "corral" our "balloon pigs."

JESUS TIME: Jesus Feeds Five Thousand People. Jesus miraculously fed an entire crowd with 5 loaves and 2 fish. God sent Jesus to care for all our needs, including eternal life.

PHONICS: We learned about the letter Ww. Students are excited that we will be learning the last of the alphabet's 26 letter sounds next week. We will continue learning more sounds including long vowel sounds, digraphs and combinations, until the end of the school year.

MATH: We are learning about 3D shapes. We are learning about number bonds. They help us with addition and later subtraction. We are learning how to recognize a number on a teen ten frame.

SCIENCE: We are beginning a unit about where our food comes from. It will get us ready for Family Fun Night, Down on the Farm. We have been very surprised to learn that all our food starts on a farm, orchard or garden.

LIBRARY BOOKS: We do not have a special library day, however, please try to read and return the book within a week. You may return it sooner and check out a new one. Return the book in the library bag, please. Remember to record those books on your child's Home Reading Record. They love getting something out of the treasure box. I will also accept small items for the treasure box.

Please remember at dismissal time only a right turn onto Route 3 is permitted. Thank you for you cooperation. Also, please do not send your child through the parking lot if they forget something. You should park, and wait until the traffic is gone. We want our children to be safe, thank you.

Friday, March 20 Quarter 3 Report card goes home
Saturday, March 21 PTL Dinner Auction
Thursday, March 26 Family Fun Night, 6 p.m. "Down on the Farm"

Dear Mrs. Schmitz,

I have read this week's KINDERNEWS for

_____________________________________________(student name)

(Parent/Guardian Signature

My child attended Church YES NO
My child attended Sunday School YES NO Date: March 14/15, 2020

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